How to make a slide board and booties – for cheap!

Using slide boards as dryland training for ice and roller sports is not a new concept. According to an article by Lisa Mercer on, slide board training can improve your functional fitness, give you an aerobic workout and help strengthen the knee area – all applicable to roller derby!

When I saw this blog by Kevin Jagger, with instructions on how to build a slide board, I was quickly inspired to build a version of my own to assist in my roller derby training. Sharing the post within my league training committee, my teammate Knotty Knockher was also recently inspired by the same DIY post. Off we went to the local building supply store to scope out materials.

2015-12-30 14.31.43

My finished slide board and booties made with reusable shopping bag.

I was less interested in a rigid board for the base and more interested in keeping the unit light in weight. You may prefer a more rigid base to lean up against a wall for storage. Visit the panel and shelving section of your building supply store and look for materials which suit your needs best!

When choosing your base, be sure to test the surfaces for their slippery factor! We ran sleeved hands over each surface to give them a preliminary check. We found a slick 1/8in thick 8ft x 4 ft hardboard panel which we split the cost. After Knotty spotted damage on the panel, we received a further discount! Finding a large panel to split with a teammate will keep costs low.

The rest of the materials, the bumpers and hardware, Knotty and I had around the house. After getting our 8ft x 4ft panel cut into 8ft x 2ft sections by the lumber associate, we parted ways to work on our projects.

2015-12-30 13.18.22

Materials include a base which is slippery, wood for the ends, screws long enough to secure the ends, tape measure and tools.

Below are my instructions for the slide board, as well as the slide booties, using basic materials. Be sure to check out videos at the end of this post which show you how to use your new slide board! Have you made your own version of a slide board? I would love to hear about it in comments!

Slide board materials list:

• (1) 1/8in, 8ft x 2ft hardboard
(Cost: $4.85 split from an 8ft x 4ft panel)
(1) 8ft, 2in x 3in lumber
(Cost: less than $4)

Tools needed:

• Tape measure and pencil
• Drill
• Screws of appropriate length
• Saw

Slide board instructions (see photos for details):

  1. Cut 2 – 2ft pieces off the 2×3 lumber
  2. Flip the slippery side down of the base panel toward the floor
  3. Place the first 2×3 bumper under the base and line it up so it’s flush with the base end
    TIP: place the unused part of your 2×3 under the board to help stabilize the position
  4. Drill screws to secure
  5. Determine distance of second board bumper
    (My panel was cut to 6ft in length because it was a discounted damaged panel, so my slide board is 6ft long. You can leave your board at 8ft and start your bumper where you are most comfortable. You can always extend your board out if you sand the previous holes in)
  6. Drill screws to secure

DONE! This took me about 15 minutes to complete after I assembled all materials.

How to make booties (see photos for details):

2015-12-30 13.25.00

I found a small bag so I cut down the side panels to make two booties. If you only have a larger bag, you may use the side panels as the booties.


• Reusable shopping bag
• Scissors
• 2 shoelaces
• Poking device (I used a pencil)

Dig out all your fabric shopping bags. Put them on your feet, step on your board and figure out which one will work best for sliding. I chose a smaller lunch-style bag which had a plastic-like surface. It fit my feet perfectly.

Cut the bag in half down the side panels. If you have to use a larger bag, you can use the side panels of the bag for the bottom of your foot and cut around.

Put on the shoes you plan on sliding in. I chose old airwalks because I was worried my gym shoes would be too grippy through the bootie.

Put the cut bags over your feet and fold it around your shoes to create a secure fit. Then poke holes and thread a shoelace to create the bootie. I double-folded around the toe area for extra reinforcement.

Tie your laces so you are comfy and secure!

Sliding on the slide board tips and first impressions

Overall I like the effect of the booties and board, especially after applying a light coating of Pledge. The slide board isn’t very heavy, but the thin base could snap if I pick it up without supporting the ends. I have the bumpers well secured, but I’m worried if I get a lot of momentum, I may pull the screws through the thin base with heavy force. I will update here if that happens! But for under $10, I’ll take what I have!

Other tips include:

  • Position the board against a wall to limit shifting during use.
  • Place weights on either side of the board to also limit shifting.
  • Socks or leg warmers also work for booties.
  • Using pledge on the board makes a HUGE difference! (See comparison videos below.)

Without pledge

With pledge

Slide board training!

Kevin Jagger – how to build a slideboard

Slide board technique

21 slide board exercises

I would love to hear about your slide board experience! Has using one made you a stronger skater? What’s your favourite exercise using the slide board?

The derby life cycle within the life cycle of derby. It’s a time paradox!

Last year, PLAYER 1 from Vancouver’s Terminal City All Stars (who incidentally is skating under her real name this season, Germaine Koh) wrote an incredibly poignant article about roller derby and her thoughts on aging. She was about to turn 45 when she wrote it. Her original post can be found on her Facebook page here  within a status update posted Aug. 28, 2012.

Go read it… I’ll wait right here.

Koh hits the nail on the head in her article. Her athlete insights are not only for all athletes, but I see it as a life cycle of what every skater evolves through from when they join as fresh meat to when they are considering an exit strategy of their own. Taking it a step further, as derby evolves, I see many skaters go through life cycles encompassing those insights within each step of evolution.

This June I turn 40, which isn’t particularly old for me. I think my body performs better than the average 40-year-old and my mind is definitely younger. When I started this journey back in March 2010, I was 36 and had it set in my mind I would stick it out until I turned 40 and then maybe do ‘something else.’ I’m sort of holding true to that transition, as I won’t be running for a league board position after three years of commitment to those duties. But as for skating and playing, I’m in a little bit of a conundrum.

It’s obvious to me I’ve moved through many of the points in Koh’s article and I feel like I’m on exit strategy but I’m not ready to quit yet.

From the time I joined roller derby to now, the sport has undergone multiple transitions. Its insane growth has changed the rules, strategy and fitness expectations. In the last year Canada achieved its own ranking system and are hosting its first national tournament this year based on regional playoffs (which I had the honour of playing in and getting my ass hit by Player 1 and her counterparts last summer LOL).

Within those transitions, skaters have evolved multiple times as well. Starting from cut t-shirt uniforms and going out for beers after practice, many are now in wicking performance gear and drinking protein shakes. The evolution seems to happen overnight. It’s like a lightbulb turns on and a skater changes how they are training or performing, as if they were reborn.

So for me, I feel I’m simply at the end of a cycle within my overall roller derby life cycle. My existing light bulb is about to burn out and another is about to burn bright.

I truly believe that ‘something else‘ I committed to 3 years ago is still going to be roller derby, just birthed into something new. And when I figure out what that something new is, I’m sure I’ll work through and learn from many of Koh’s insights again. “I’m not just going to let that river of time take me where it will.” I get to choose my next path and that’s really exciting.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced life cycles within roller derby. I’d love to hear your stories.

Take a knee

Two weekends ago I played in a most amazing roller derby tournament, Flat Track Fever. I skated in Calgary’s Olympic Oval, which was amazing and also got to watch some amazing skill in women’s, men’s, co-ed and junior bouts.

The Wednesday prior to the tourney, I got tangled and took and bad spill at practice. I went down on my butt with legs forward and my knees bent out, essentially making a W with my lower body when I fell. I found out later that the impact of the inside of my knees hitting the floor in that way, I sprained my LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament) on my left leg, which is the ligament on the outside of the knee.

I sprained the Lateral Collateral Ligament

Thinking I could push through and fear of letting my team down, I went to the tournament and played in 2 games. I had fun but was always aware of the throbbing in my knee.

Fast forward to the week following; more throbbing, swelling and feeling that my knee was filling with fluid prompted me to visit a physiotherapist who diagnosed me with a ‘Grade 2’ sprain and now I’m off skates and have regular visits to therapists to try and fix me.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my initial injury and I’m still limping, I still have to ice it and simple tasks like getting in and out of a car make me groan like I’m 70. I’m terribly frustrated. I can’t imagine what skaters who have worse injuries than myself, like full tears or broken bones, have to go through.

Injury prevention is on my mind.

I found this great article – 6 Ways to Ruin Your Knees – where they talk to derby girl Iron Maiven who tore her ACL.

But thinking a little further beyond published articles about cross-training, stretching, resting, etc., I started to recall lower-body injuries that happened within my league or that I witnessed. A common theme started to surface.

Most of them happened when the skater fell on her butt.

In fresh meat, you’re taught the importance of keeping your balance forward and taking a knee(s) when you fall. You often learn that lesson quickly after the first sting of a tailbone bash. Also coaches are quick to remind new skaters to fall correctly if they witness a flailing fall to the posterior.

But after the fresh meat phase, basic reminders like ‘fall to your knees’ often don’t get spoken to the veteran skaters. Warmups involving single or double knee falls are often looked at as trite distractions until it’s time for drills and scrimmaging.

Dare I say veteran skaters become complacent to the importance of knee falls? I know I did.

Track action happens so fast that a fall to the butt is sometimes unavoidable. Hell, I’ve spontaneously fallen to my ass while at a stand still.

However it begs the question, after fresh meat training, are we doing enough to continue to make sure knee falls are instinctual?

If I ever get back on skates (and I realize I’m being dramatic but I’m super cranky that I’m not feeling any improvement in my knee today so bear with me) I plan on filling my free-skate time with shifting weight to my heels and lurching forward to avoid a potential ass-fall.

Bionic awesomeness!

I’d love to hear what you think… are you complacent with how you fall during a game? Do you think about it? When you fall improperly, do you take steps to improve so it doesn’t happen again or do you chalk it up to a one-time event under specific circumstances?

PS: Since writing this post I’ve had another visit with my physiotherapist. He took pity on me and fitted me with this sexy new leg brace which makes walking much more comfortable even though it looks massively hindering. I really want to make 6 Million Dollar Man sound affects when I walk now.


April measurements

Note: I realize I haven’t been posting much specifically about derby, but have much to share. I hope to have a new roller derby post soon! Stay tuned, readers!

Look at those arms... Left: July 2010 Right: Aug. 2011. No definition... just skin and bone. I don't know how I didn't break something when I first started in derby.

I’m happy with my results to this point, but not certain if I’m measuring correctly. Some numbers seem all over the map. I’m sure I’ll get more consistent measuring with practice. I feel strong, which is most important. I did 100 pushups today (in 5 sets, 90 second break in between) which is a big deal for me.

A stumbled across an old photo of myself, taken in July of 2010 and I compared it to a photo in Aug of 2011. In the 2010 photo I was new to derby and a scrawny, skinny bitch. Frankly, I look gross. I’m happy to have some muscly curves now.

My routines are becoming a bit more intense with more weight and I’m mixing in running as a consistent part of my routine (instead of running to train for specific events).

My current protein powder of choice.

As for my diet, in March I wasn’t 100% Paleo, but I think I’ve found a good balance. I’ve switched from Hemp protein to MyoFusion for post-workouts, which packs more protein punch. I essentially eat paleo for breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t worry about straying from Paleo when I eat out or at special events (like birthday party dinners, etc). I’ve allowed some indulgences back into my life like ice cream  and sweet & sour candies and nibble on Paleo friendly chocolate too. (Lindt Excellence Intense Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa). Sometimes I feel I’m still not eating enough but as long as I’m gaining, I know I’m on the right track.

Here’s my April 1 measurements.

January 1, 2012 February 1, 2012 March 1, 2012 April 1, 2012
Weight 119lbs 115lbs 116lbs 117lbs
Waist (narrowest point) 28.50″ 28.50″ 27.00″ 27.00″
Hips (widest point) 34.50″ 35.00″ 35.50″ 36.00″
Thighs (widest point) L: 16.00″
Calves (widest point) L:13.50″
Biceps (widest point) L:9.25″

A couple of weeks ago, myself and some derby teammates participated in a Ball & Chain challenge which took place at the local jail. In addition to a 4k run (with 1.5k carrying a 60lb post with my team) we had to do a series of fitness challenges. I’m pretty pleased with my performance though the burpees are STILL killing me. For enjoyment, here’s some photos of the event… thanks to Preacher’s Slaughter for lending Grate Scott her phone to snap pics of us!

Moonlight Run results and March measurements

My Moonlight Run goal was to finish somewhere between the 29:52-33:34 range which meant my pace had to be within the 8 min/mile range. I finished almost smack-dabb in the middle of that!

I’m pretty pleased with my placing as well! Even though I placed lower in my category from last year, there were many more runners to compete against. Stats comparison to last year below…

 Moonlight Run 2011 2012 2013 2014
Canon Time 36:27 31:41
Chip Time 35:47 31:28
Category Placing 5/93 6/156
Female 6k Placing 101/975 37/1135
All 6k Runners 283/1488 117/1671
Pace 9:46/mi 8:29/mi

As promised, I got around to my March measurements. Considering the slack I did in February, I’m surprised by the results. Plus, I either measured my thighs REALLY wrong the last two months or the hill running I’ve been doing to train for Moonlight Run made my thighs explode. Interesting stuff. We’ll see what next month brings.

January 1, 2012 February 1, 2012 March 1, 2012 April 1, 2012
Weight 119lbs 115lbs 116lbs
Waist (narrowest point) 28.50″ 28.50″ 27.00″
Hips (widest point) 34.50″ 35.00″ 35.50″
Thighs (widest point) L: 16.00″
Calves (widest point) L:13.50″
Biceps (widest point) L:9.25″

February I fell off the pot

Life ebbs and flows and February was no exception! So much to report/record for my personal diary I’m not sure where to begin…

I guess at the beginning.

Our league officially expanded into two house teams, The Coalbank Crushers (my team) and the Windy City Wenches and we debuted our first intra-league game Feb. 4. This game pushed me to my limits. Our team was already playing short and then one of our main jammers broke her wrist 5 jams into the first half, leaving us with only myself and Alli-Kate-Or as main jammers.

As a result, I played (almost) every second jam and scored 88 points for my team – a personal best. I’m thankful for Alli and some other blockers who stepped in to jam when we needed a break. We lost the game 159-162, but boy did we play with heart!

Something I’m not proud of is I ran into major penalty trouble. I can sit and make excuses… I was exhausted, I was playing injured (all true)… but especially humbling was we were in the lead right up to the final jam when I got handed a final penalty, subsequently costing us the lead.

I’m such a dumbass. Lesson learned. I WILL STAY ON THE MOTHER FUCKING TRACK.

You can read the game summary on our league website here! Here’s some photos too!

Post-game... Coalbank Crushers, Windy City Wenches and reffing crew! Photo from Heather Nicholson's camera (not sure who took it).

My little team with bench coaches Mamasite and Emily Carrnage! Coalbank Crushers. Photo from Heather Nicholson's camera (not sure who took it).

My favourite photo from the game; myself and Preacher's Slaughter jamming. Photo by Wendy Devent.

With every game I come out with new things to work on, but it’s great when I see things I’ve been working on are coming to fruition. I’m very proud of my endurance for this game. I do have to give a huge shout out to Mamasita, our team’s bench coach, for pushing me when I thought I couldn’t go on.

In the weeks following my life turned upside-down; practice was difficult to get to, my paleo eating habits went out the window, as well as my extra training dedication. The reasons behind my lack of focus are numerous; derby related and non-derby related; and not really worthy of mentioning. Even to this day I’m struggling to get back into my good habits and find my passion again.

Until this popped up on my Facebook wall…

A really nice note!!!

Thanks Jennifer! Not only did you remind me to write a post but also that I need to get focused again and be a role model for others. Good luck with your derby journey and I look forward to hearing all about it!!!!

A fabulous local photographer, Joanne Cousins, did a personal photography project called ‘Operation Confidence’ recently. I was going to take part in February until my life went out the window, but I thought I would share an excerpt of what I was going to submit as part of her photo series. I’m glad I reminded myself of this because I needed to read this to help re-motivate myself. I wrote this in early February…

“Lifting and training has taught me goal setting. It’s taught me that you won’t get where you want to be without a plan. Celebrating success, no matter how small, is a great feeling and sharing success, hope and achievements with others is infectious.

Lifting and training has also taught me how to deal with setbacks. It’s okay to take a step back and re-evaluate a plan before taking it on again. It’s also taught me that it’s okay to fail, have a bad day or a break down, as I’ve always come back from it stronger and with more resolve to push myself to my limits to succeed.

Competing constantly against myself gives me an inner strength and power that others see. I want to pass onto others that ANYONE can find it within themselves to achieve their goals. They just need to find their inspiration to do so.

My fitness journey continues and I still have a long way to go. But it’s no longer out of necessity. It’s become my passion. And while I may inspire people around me, they are MY inspiration to continue to be a role model and leader.”

Check out Joanne’s photography project here! There are some great and inspiring stories, including a few from our own members!

Speaking of goal setting… Moonlight Run is tomorrow, which is also the 1-year anniversary of my first ‘race.’

Let’s review my goal time for the 6k that I set in January… 29:52-33:34

Given my slack off in February, it will be interesting to see if I come close to this. I’ve hit that target while running on a treadmill, but doing 6k on a treadmill and 6k in the riverbottom of Lethbridge in the dark are two completely different things! Wish me luck! I’m excited fellow Guild members Sandra Deevil, Hellvetica Bold, Kalamaity Lain and Short Bus have signed up for the run as well. They are going to kick ass!

And now, my confession… I haven’t done my March measurements yet. I’m deathly afraid to see them given on month of complete slack. But I can only get better from here, yes? I’ll get to that this weekend.

Things I’m looking forward to…

Flat Track Fever!

An Alberta-wide roller derby tournament that will be taking place April 13-15 in Calgary. It will be a series of 30 minute games followed by full 2 30-minute half games. This will be the first time the Deathbridge Derby Dames will play in multiple games in one weekend.


Just cause summer is awesome!

More challenges!

Footwork has become my new passion.

Four weeks of paleo

I’m going to keep at it! I’m enjoying the food, I feel pretty energetic and although I really started craving sweets in the last week I managed to push through. In the end I strayed from paleo maybe 4 times (always gravitating to sweets). But I’ve found some semi-cheat recipes that will allow me to bake using agave as a sweetener and I’ve also read that 70% dark chocolate is okay once in a while too.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t missed the breads and grains at all.

So, here’s my observations while I adapted to this new style of eating, along with some body measurements and a food galley too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Food costs

Food costs for the four weeks, family of four: $400 (I rounded up)

This surprised me. I thought we were going to spend WAY more on groceries. Had we not had to buy non-paleo cereal and school snacks for the kids, this would have been even less.

Meal planning was key

We would buy HUGE pork loins and cut them into sections that would feed us for 3-4 meals, thus saving money buying in bulk. We bought chicken breasts by the case and bulk beef. Being in land-locked Alberta, fish was a little more difficult to come by in large packets, so we ate less of that.

I did NOT go organic, grain-fed, grass-fed, which is likely why we were able to keep our food costs in check. I did, however, buy produce from areas as close to my city as possible (less shipping time means more fresh and less preservatives) and my dad is a beef farmer and I know exactly what he feeds his cows. I can’t get more organic than that.

Now that I know where my food costs are, I can perhaps start integrating some organic into the mix.

There was no food waste

The recipes I followed usually had leftovers, which I would immediately pack up for lunch the next day. Call me weird, but it became a challenge to make sure my fridge was empty by the time my Sunday grocery shop came around.

I wrote awesome grocery lists

If by chance we didn’t use all the produce at the end of a week, I would alter a meal plan to make sure it got used up in the next couple of days in the new week. Then I would decide what else was going to be for supper for the week, cross-reference the recipes with items I already had in the cupboards/fridge and wrote my list.

Can I just say how awesome it was to shop on the outer edge of the grocery store? The only time I ventured to the inner aisles of my store was to pick up one or two items of miscellaneous goods like olive oil or coconut milk. My grocery shops always went so quick!

When in doubt: supper for breakfast!

I’m not a picky eater that needs to have a huge variety of foods to stay happy. I was content in eating leftovers (because the food was always good) and had my staple meal of bacon and eggs if I was ever lazy to make a full supper.

A couple days of what I typically ate…


Gym mornings
Breakfast: grab leftover meat from previous supper in the fridge and munch on that on the way to the gym. Other options: sliced ham and an apple. (Some people can work out on an empty stomach. I can’t)
After gym: protein smoothie with berries, OJ, almond beverage, banana and a coffee
Snack: Apple or banana or paleo trail mix
Lunch: Leftovers from previous supper
Snack: Apple or banana, green tea
Supper: Fresh paleo meal. Pack up leftovers into lunch serving sizes
Snack: Bowl of berries and/or protein powder in OJ post-derby practice

Non-gym mornings
Breakfast: bacon and eggs or veggie omelet, coffee
Snack: Apple or banana or paleo trail mix
Lunch: Leftovers from previous supper
Snack: Apple or banana, green tea
Supper: Fresh paleo meal. Pack up leftovers into lunch serving sizes
Snack: Apple with nut butter and/or protein powder in OJ post-derby practice

Breakfast: Sweet potato hasbrowns, eggs, bacon, paleo pancakes, veggie omlette
Lunch: Graze leftovers in the fridge.
Snacks: Graze from fridge.
Supper: Fresh paleo meal or finish up leftovers, making sure there is something for lunch on Monday.

When there was no leftovers to graze from: I tried to have peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado in the fridge so a quick chopped salad was an option. Having a small ham was also handy for quick snacks and meals.

You may have noticed I eat a lot of fruit. For those using paleo to lose weight, please note that fruit can slow your results. Because I’m trying to gain, I’m not so careful on consuming fruit.


I took some measurements today and here is the comparison from last month. It’s worth noting that this week I’ve made the official switch to 20lb hand weights for my weight training (whereas before I was using 15 lb weights for some exercises still).

Not a huge difference in size. But when I take into account that I weigh less and I’ve gained in some spots (grow left bicep, GROW), it’s a win in my books! I know there is a science to measuring so I’m doing my best to take measurements from the same spot month-to-month.

January 1, 2012 February 1, 2012 March 1, 2012 April 1, 2012
Weight 119 115
Waist 28.5 28.5
Hips 34.5 35
Thighs 16 16.5
Calves 13.5 13.5
Right Bicep 9.75 9.75
Left Bicep 9.25 9.5

Not a huge difference in size. But when I take into account that I lost weight while maintaining and even gaining mass in some areas, I think I’m on the right track! I know there is a science to measuring so I’m doing my best to take measurements from the same spot month-to-month.

My ultimate goal is to gain weight and increase my strength and power, which will not only improve my game play but keep me healthy overall.

Other observations/in summary

My chronic pain in my left shoulder is diminishing! I’m gaining some mobility back into it and can put on my winter coat with only a little discomfort. I don’t know if paleo is helping with that, but I don’t care. I just want it to continue to improve.

My after-supper catnaps made their way back into my life in the second half of my paleo month. I have to monitor this carefully and listen to my body. Between roller derby practices and strength training, I fear overtraining and getting worn out. We’ll see how that pans out.

I’ve noticed a change in my body for sure (taken after my 30-day ab challenge). I’ve leaned out while adding muscle. It’s kind of cool! 🙂

Are you trying paleo or another way of eating to help improve your performance? I’d love to hear about it!

Tuesday Tango

Let’s glide back and forth between some various topics happening in my life.

Paleo update – week four

My new eating habits are going well. Food has been delicious and while I’m still not gaining I feel fantastic. However, I caved and ate some cookies last night and boy am I paying for it today. Bloaty, gassy and gross! How could delicious cookies smite me so? I shared with Mr. Cherri that I was thinking about integrating some carbs back into my life after my 30 days since I’m still not gaining weight. But based on what I’m feeling today, I don’t think I’m going to do that now. I guess it’s more meat for me!

An ab challenge to myself and others

I’ve been participating in a 15-minute, 30-day ab workout challenge with many other Facebook friends. I’m currently on day 27 and I’m impressed with the results. While I’m not necessarily seeing a 6-pack of abs forming, I definitely do feel ‘thicker’ in my torso area from muscle gain. So esthetically, my before and after photos likely won’t look much different, but I feel WAY stronger. I’m proud that I have only missed one day (which was my fitness testing day) and so proud of everyone else who is hanging in there with the challenge!

Practice schedule changes mean changes in life

Our league recently went through an expansion where we’ve split into 2 house teams on top of our travel team. It’s pretty exciting but it means my life is getting turned around with a new practice schedule. I now have practices 3 days in a row, which not only conflicts with my kid’s activities, but also one of my regular gym days. Fears of over-training and never seeing my family are looming over my head. Not much I can do about it except make choices, but I’m not happy about the choices I have to make because I want to do it all. :-/ But on a more positive note…

I’m a Coalbank Crusher!

If you’re a Lethbridge and area blog reader, I really hope you’ll come out and support our first game against each other! We’re pretty excited to have the league grow to allow two house teams. It’s also going to allow many of our new recruits some much-needed experience! Tickets for the Feb. 4 game are available on our website or at the door!

Watch this!

And now, a scene from one of my favourite movies which every derby girl should watch. NO, IT’S NOT WHIP IT! (In your mind, replace references to ‘baseball’ with ‘roller derby’ LOL)

ROUND 2 Sit up then T-up to the broad plank and push up to a sprint till you *beep* (test)

Thursday marked our second fitness test through the league. The first one was held last September and our training committee plans on holding them every four months to track progress.

Last session I recorded my results and set some new goals. I’m pleased to report that I bettered myself on all but one test and met my goal on most of them! It’s really satisfying to see the goals I’m setting come to fruition.

Here are the stats, with comparisons. New goals will come, I just need to think on them for a bit.

Results Chart (Nerd Power!)

First Attempt (Sept ’11) Old Goal Second Attempt (Jan ’12) New Goal
T-Test 12.8 sec 11.8 sec 12.0 sec ??
Plank 5:15 min 6:00 min 6:11 min ??
15 m Sprint* 3.1 sec 2.8 sec N/A N/A
20 m Sprint* N/A N/A 4.25 sec ??
Situps 48/min 53/min 54/min ??
Broad Jump 1.74 m 1.84 m 1.76 m ??
Pushups 30/min 38/min 45/min ??
Beep Test Level 6.2, 43 shuttles Level 7 Level 7.8, 57 shuttles ??

GREEN = Goal Achieved
YELLOW = Goal Not Achieved, But Improvement Made
RED = Goal Not Achieved, No Improvement

*Because of the difference in sprint length for this round of testing I wasn’t able to do a formal comparison. However when I break it down by seconds per metre, I was 2% SLOWER the second test. Boourns.

After analyzing my results, I’ve come to realize that I need to concentrate on fitness activities that require short bursts of power because in all the categories that require the short bursts ( jumping, sprinting) I have much room for improvement. So I can see me focusing more heavily on that in the next four months!

I’ll update the chart with new goals when I can sit down and seriously think some out.