Game 2 under my fishnets (cause I forgot to wear a belt)

My ears are ringing. That’s a good thing.

At times the roar of the crowd mixed with all the other sights and sounds was deafening. Other times all I could hear what was going on in my head. {{cross cross cross cross breathe —- get low and glide —- cross cross cross cross breathe —- get low and glide}}

It was an amazing time and seeing our weeks of hard work pay off was so satisfying.

So many thoughts and observations from that night. I can only break it up in sections to avoid babbling.

The Missfits of Mayhem… Wow what an amazing bunch of women. Watching them skate and work together was inspiring. Not so inspiring when they knocked me around… and I got some doozies! And their jammers; amazing! Each and every one of them! They were aggressive and smart. I thought I had some moves, but so did they! An honour to skate with them. And your intro… Epic!!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Did we ever pull it together! After a chaotic 10 minutes and heavy penalties, we were floundering. But we pulled it together after the half and got our heads together. My blockers were amazing! There were times when I needed help and they were there. Other times all they did was saw me coming and they cleared a path. There were times I went through without getting touched. Plus our bench coaches were amazing and the rest followed suit! An honour to play with each and every one of the Deathbridge Derby Dames!

The calibre of our guest refs, NSO’s, timekeepers, our announcer, technical crew… You kept the game going, fair and fun! And for the record, the best/raunchiest names in the business! Special congrats to our own ref, Jeremesiah, who ref’d his very first game! I can’t wait to see our up and coming refs to join him!

They were current members, fresh meat and friends and family! Their enthusiasm was crazy! And fun! They were the first contact our fans had with us and they rocked it! Special thanks to Betty Believeit for putting out fires all over the place & creating backup plans in case of emergency, while juggling all the volunteers. You rock my world Betty!

Wow wow wow wow wow wow! The response was amazing! Our first guess is over 600 in attendance. I can’t wait to know the number for reals! Many I talked to had fun and even caught on to the strategy of the game! We were so happy to have you in the stands cheering both teams on! To my friends and family who came out to support us; from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Post game, all hits and penalties get left on the track and both teams go and do it up, beer style. For those who attended and got to witness penalty wheel debauchery got an eyefull of fun! Best party I’ve been to in I-can’t-remember-when. It was great to chat up the Missfits and have good times with them. I was truly torn in choosing when to go home; I was exhausted and sore but having so much fun.

I’m sure there’s more I could say, but I don’t want to mess up this post by using too many words. If you were there I hope everyone could feel the love… I had it for everybody!

Today was spent lounging on the couch in my newly purchased Missfits of Mayhem t-shirt and icing my owies. I came out okay… A bruised hip, sore right knee and I think my left thumb is bruised or maybe sprained (not sure, just hurts like a SOB)

Tomorrow we’re back at practice and I’m looking forward to expanding on my skills with my crew now that we our first game as a team under our fishnets. I’m also excited that tomorrow is fresh meat night and I hope we get a big crew of newbies to come out.

I hope to post some Photos, maybe some video and maybe some more thoughts in the next few days. Stay tuned dear readers!

PS… We won!

PPS… To the Missfit who talked to me about my blog… I can’t remember which one you were! I hope you comment about your experience and get your gals to friend us on Facebook! I’m under Cherri Blaster! πŸ™‚

Funny how things just suddenly ‘click’

Last night was probably the best practice ever! The funny thing is, I went into it not feeling up for it, and other girls expressed the same lethargic emotions.

The reason practice was so good? We suddenly started thinking during scrimmage.

Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been skating around in circles like mindless freaks these last few months, but have you ever watched 5-year-olds play soccer? It’s essentially organized chaos, where everyone chases after the ball, limbs flailing and kids scoring on their own net, but still celebrating.

That’s how we kinda were, except replace ball with jammer.

But last night, something clicked.

Blockers were creating offensive holes for their jammers by taking out other blockers. Jammers were communicating for help, and getting it. Walls were being built and walls were being broken.

Holy shit… we were working as a team!

Everyone felt it. And it was great.


On a personal note…

I’m seeing huge improvements in my skill during scrimmaging. Finding holes as a jammer is coming easier for me now. Cutting the track and maneuvering through those holes with help from the team seem effortless.

As a blocker, I loved playing offense by taking out other blockers to create holes for my girl to go through. And I loved playing defense by building a wall with another gal and just getting in front of the other jammer. Being in the pack is getting way more fun as I understand the strategy more and more.

Other goals I met…

I fell correctly, every time. Even when I got pulled down from behind I shifted to my side as to not wreck my tail bone. My right hand, which is STILL on the mend, came away free from further injury.

I threw a full body, LEGAL hit. This is big for me, considering a few minutes prior to that I knocked someone in the face with an elbow, which means automatic major penalty and time in the box.

My endurance has vastly improved. I’m barely winded at the end of practice, which also tells me I need to push myself harder.

Win all around! Fuck I love this sport!

I guess you never stop learning

A couple things I’ve realized…

Cross cuts (moving quickly from the inside of the track to the outside)…
They have been my nemesis. But that morning I spent practicing at the skate park really paid off. I went from not being able to do them at all, to being able to cut the track pretty effectively. Apparently all my coaches from my junior years were right; practice makes perfect.

Don’t skimp on equipment…
While practicing cross cuts, I took a stupid fall, didn’t fall properly and effectively bruised my muscle below my right thumb on the palm of my hand. (My texting thumb nooooooooo!!!!) I need better wristguards to protect that area.

Jamming is wicked fun…
We did our first real scrimmage last night! Elbows were flying, I was out of bounds all over the place, but I scored πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to try that on a real track.

Blocking is fun too…
The strategy of blocking the other jammer while making a hole for your girl to go through keeps you on your toes. This game is not just about hitting everything that moves, you have to be constantly thinking. The pivot position within the pack is pretty fun too!

It’s time for me to hit the books…
I can’t beleive it’s been two months since I started training. It’s gone by fast and when I look back at my first posts, I’m amazed how far I’ve come. I’m pretty confident I can pass my benchmarks; or come pretty damn close, anyway. But part of passing the benchmarks is a written rules test. Time to study!

P.S. Sliver is officially gone! My foot feels great! Thank Jebus!