Fresh Meat Coach Doodies immature. Who DOES that?

Thanks to ref I.C. Nuffin for taking a photo of my awesome PowerPoint presentation at the Guild’s AGM last night. Inspirational poster additions by him as well.๏ปฟ



Back away from the derby girl with tentacles and bat wings

With the post-secondary year upon us and a few thousand new residents moving into the city shortly, we are moving to focus on recruitment to get students to spend their student loans on roller skates and gear grow our league and build our strength in numbers.

As with any non-profit organization, it’s easy to get tied up in administrative crap and forget why you joined in the first place. Years ago I served on the board of the Lethbridge & District Humane Society and while it was a lot of meetings, bickering and hard work, it was always worth it to see a long-time shelter resident get adopted to a new home.

Also, with any non-profit organization, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being involved with something new and have this happen to you. I admit, the Gemini in me is guilty of volunteering for too much at once and had to back away from a couple of things to avoid going SWRAWWWK avoid derby burnout.

However, the call to make this league successful in Lethbridge has been very loud in my ears. I see such huge potential for growth, personal and professional, as well as the opportunity to spread the derby love around. Many ladies I skate with have made a magical transformations of their own as well. As a board, a team and a league, we’ve had some going pains. But we’re learning as we go. It’s going to be so worth it.

I’ll continue skating hard and volunteering doing the things I love.

I realize this is a lame post, but I wanted something to transition to that awesome cartoon.


Watch out for us at the Lethbridge Whoop-Up Days parade! If you see me, yell out and I’ll skate over and say hi!

I did my civic duty

(How many of you laughed in your head when you read ‘doodie?’)

Last night myself and a few other Deathbridge Derby Dames went down to Lethbridge City Hall to check out the proposed plans for the North Lethbridge Regional Park. Having been kicked out of various outdoor locations already and potential to be kicked out of our current favourite spot to do laps, we figured it was time to let our voices be heard.

Initially, my thoughts going into this was trying to negotiate a nice, smooth, flat, outdoor space for us to skate on. But after thinking it through, it’s more than that which the city needs.

We have a rec ball hockey league that uses the public tennis courts for their games, but are booted off mid-April, right when the league should just be up and running. They need a surface surrounded by boards or a fence to call their own.

I have a boy who wants to learn to skateboard. The streets and sidewalks in my neighbourhood are very busy with traffic and not safe for a newbie. The only smooth wide open spaces are tennis courts (not allowed) or parking lots (not safe for a short kid) or the roads at the nearby cemetery (also not allowed & kinda creepy to some). He needs a safe, smooth, somewhat contained area that’s enjoyable for him to practice and learn.

We have a derby team that desires to practice together in the summer sun. While we have oodles of bike paths to choose from to train for speed and endurance, there is no allowable* place for us to play scrimmages and other fun drills in a group.

*Allowable as in we are skating there anyway, but if the powers-that-be knew we were there; we’d be booted out.

I really think the city could come up with a couple outdoor arenas that would suit all 3 needs, then maybe double as a floodable ice surface in the winter.

So we spoke to the the park architects who were responsible for drawing up the current concepts.

Unfortunately, none of the new concepts had what we were looking for, but the facilitator there was open to suggestions and encouraged our involvement by getting us to add suggestions to a sign-in board.

(If you’re curious about some of the concepts, click here!)

So, I did my civic duty…

hehehe doodie

We’ll see if anything comes up by participating. I’ll be watching city council carefully.

April 11 – First Official Practice (for real this time)

No specific thoughts about this session except… awesome! Maude put us through our paces and I loved every minute!

Drills we ran…

  • Weaving
  • Weaving with shoulder check
  • Weaving with hip check
  • One knee stops, both knees
  • One knee stops with 180 turn, both knees
  • T-Stops
  • Plow Stops
  • Toe Stops
  • Double knee fall
  • Superman slide fall
  • Baseball slide fall, both sides
  • Touching one knee to floor while in motion, both knees
  • Hops
  • Squat position while coasting around 1/2 the track
  • One foot glide while coasting around 1/2 the track, both feet
  • 5 one minute speed trials
  • Running on toe stops
  • Duck walking
  • Crossover walking
  • Looking inside, outside and behind while skating in a pack

I think that’s everything.

Considering our practice space (small) I can still feel myself gaining confidence to push my speed a little bit more. I only hit the wall once (because I couldn’t corner fast enough) and tripped over my skates once during the speed trials (but fell correctly, yay!). I’m really anxious to practice speed and my maneuverability through the pack, but I’m guessing that’s going to have to wait until we all can demonstrate proper control without injuring each other.

We also gathered all the silent auction items at this meeting. There’s some pretty cool stuff up for grabs so I hope everyone remembers to squirrel away some of their drinking money for the auction. My friend Des donated a pair of Olympic mittens (thanks Desi!!!!!) and I donated 3, 8×10 framed bridge prints (shameless plug for me). But other items range from a Zombie photo session, to a skate bag, to homemade jams & wine as well as snowboard gear! Thanks to all our sponsors who graciously donated!!! The support in the community has been really great.

Things on the agenda for this week…

  • Create video to show at the DDD Fundraiser on Saturday (do you have your tickets yet? Get them at Henotic or Blueprints)
  • Change my skates back to outdoor wheels (Wishful thinking? Snow has been forecast for the week)
  • START MY TAXES (ugh)
  • Finish up some design projects
  • Get ready for Auron’s birthday party (20 kids ugh)
  • Finish marking for the semester!!!!!
  • Continue keeping my ears open for a proper indoor venue to skate at

I see I have some subscribers! Thank you for keeping tabs on me! And thank you also to my cyberfriend The Active Stick for linking me on her blog. I hope you all don’t stay quiet for too long. I love comments; even if it’s to say I suck. Hahahaha

**Edited to add
Forgot to add that this practice was the first time I’ve ever worn a mouth guard. Weird and gross all at once.

Wind sucks

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"

I find it hilarious I haven’t really worried about the physicality I’m about to get myself into, yet I worry about practicing in 40 km/hour (24.85 mi/hr) winds outside.

I guess you can’t really concentrate on technique while you’re dodging the crazy lady on her bike swirling in the wind.


Last night we met at Henotic to plan for our fundraiser April 17th. Do you have your tickets yet? Get them at Henotic or at Bluenotes for $10. They are available at the door too, but interest is high so I recommend you pre-buy if you want to arrive fashionably late.

You can see event details here or find out more about the event through our Facebook page. We’ll have the upstairs for our silent auction and the downstairs for all the ruckus, so come out and have some fun! I’ll be there with my skates on!


This Sunday marks our first ‘official’ practice. I know I’ve been talking about practices for a while; but this is the one we agreed upon many moons ago before we needed to get together for media coverage.

Our practice space is small… really small. So small that last night Maude said if we’re going toย  hit, we have to hit towards the inside of the circle to avoid having an unfortunate incident with a wall. Could be interesting. But I’m looking forward to rolling in a pack and practicing drills at a more feverish pace.

Before that… derby board meeting on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

Training day and contact has been made

I managed to skate over 9 kms today without winding myself and only suffered one fall… stupid pine cone on the path. Luckily I fell onto grass rolled out of it without injury. Rocks and debris are my biggest obstacles right now, so practicing technique will have to wait until the paths are cleaner.

Attended my first meeting tonight as well. I felt a little out of place because these gals have been working on getting this going for a while. But I’m eager to help and pretty fucking excited to throw my energy into something new, actually. Funding raising, a benefit and practice is the priority right now. They’re letting me in so I gotta remember to pay my club dues.