League Rebuilding: How to jumpstart the healing process despite tension and conflict

One of the best posts I’ve read about rebuilding after a major shift in your league. Every league goes through waves of highs, neutrals and lows. I think the biggest mistake leagues make is they pine for the “good old days” and don’t acknowledge the people who are present and ready to work for the league. We just went through a league restructuring; making processes standardized to attract more fresh meat (numbers were becoming an issue for us) and to simplify dues and collection. I think it’s working so far. I hope to write a more detailed post about strategic planning for roller derby in a future post. But this really hits all the key points! Great piece, Khaos!

Khaos Theory Derby

I have worked with a lot of leagues at this point in my career.

I have been a member of and guest coached small leagues, rebuilding leagues, D1 leagues, crumbling leagues, thriving leagues, and leagues in identity crisis. I’ve been with leagues that have had 9 transfers out in the off season, and ones with 9 transfers in during the off season. One reoccurring theme I have come across before guest coaching is this: “We have so many different levels, we don’t know how to coach our team.” A subset of this is: “We have vets who don’t show up, and when they do they don’t want to work as hard as our fresh meat.”

I am going to do my best to be clear and articulate and write this blog in an organized fashion (I really need to do outlines like real writers). I am going to mainly talk…

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