Lacing your roller skates

Display shoe lacing technique.

Display shoe lacing technique.

Check out this amazing website on all the different ways you could lace your roller skates.

Ian’s Shoelace Site –  Shoe Lacing Methods

Right now I use the display shoe lacing approach. But I’m interested in trying the lock lacing approach to help with my heel slip issues.

If your skates have a loop in the back, you can also try this lacing method to lock your heel in place…

Here is an alternative heel lock method used on running shoes. But if your skates have the appropriate holes, you can try it too!


2 thoughts on “Lacing your roller skates

  1. I saw the shoe shop lacing method on another running website and use it with my antiks. It’s the only way to get the toebox off my nail bed, and I find I don’t have as many pressure points across the top of my foot as I do with a regular lace up.

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