Full circle…


I was a nameless fresh meat looking for a derby pseudonym and wrote to this Terminal City member to ask permission to use a modified version of her name. I’m so glad she said no. I’ve grown into my chosen name very well.

At the time of receiving this I thought, ‘Yah right, as if I’d ever play a team from Vancouver.’


We were fortunate to have been contacted by the organizers of Klash in the Kootenays. The tournament that organizes WESTERNS, were offering spots to other teams as some of the top 8 teams declined.

We enthusiastically accepted after agreeing to reschedule our game with the Gnarlie’s Angels, which was happening the week before; two trips to BC two weeks in a row just wasn’t doable.

Here we are, a team still in its infancy, about to face western Canada’s best.

We pulled Terminal City for our first game. Needless to say, I’m stoked. I’m having a huge full-circle moment over this.

Are there any other sports leagues in the world that allow teams with such a range of experience and skill to learn, work and play together?

This is what the DIY movement of roller derby is all about. I’m so excited to learn as much as I can from this experience!