ROUND 2 Sit up then T-up to the broad plank and push up to a sprint till you *beep* (test)

Thursday marked our second fitness test through the league. The first one was held last September and our training committee plans on holding them every four months to track progress.

Last session I recorded my results and set some new goals. I’m pleased to report that I bettered myself on all but one test and met my goal on most of them! It’s really satisfying to see the goals I’m setting come to fruition.

Here are the stats, with comparisons. New goals will come, I just need to think on them for a bit.

Results Chart (Nerd Power!)

First Attempt (Sept ’11) Old Goal Second Attempt (Jan ’12) New Goal
T-Test 12.8 sec 11.8 sec 12.0 sec ??
Plank 5:15 min 6:00 min 6:11 min ??
15 m Sprint* 3.1 sec 2.8 sec N/A N/A
20 m Sprint* N/A N/A 4.25 sec ??
Situps 48/min 53/min 54/min ??
Broad Jump 1.74 m 1.84 m 1.76 m ??
Pushups 30/min 38/min 45/min ??
Beep Test Level 6.2, 43 shuttles Level 7 Level 7.8, 57 shuttles ??

GREEN = Goal Achieved
YELLOW = Goal Not Achieved, But Improvement Made
RED = Goal Not Achieved, No Improvement

*Because of the difference in sprint length for this round of testing I wasn’t able to do a formal comparison. However when I break it down by seconds per metre, I was 2% SLOWER the second test. Boourns.

After analyzing my results, I’ve come to realize that I need to concentrate on fitness activities that require short bursts of power because in all the categories that require the short bursts ( jumping, sprinting) I have much room for improvement. So I can see me focusing more heavily on that in the next four months!

I’ll update the chart with new goals when I can sit down and seriously think some out.


3 thoughts on “ROUND 2 Sit up then T-up to the broad plank and push up to a sprint till you *beep* (test)

    • Yeah I agree, the extra 5 meters makes a difference in that regard. Some people might do better in sec/m because it allows them to get up to full speed, but those that accelerate quicker may tire our a tiny bit in the extra length.

  1. You did awesome! You had some really great improvements and I was happy to see that, because not only do you put all the young kids to shame, you keep pushing to better yourself even more! I would agree that stuff involving short bursts would really help you, though… not just to keep improving your fitness, but to make you an even better jammer.

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