Paleo update: week 2 done onto week 3

I’ve had some people pretty curious about this Paleo business I’m doing so I figured I’d post some updates here and there, to document how things are going.

In short, things are going really, really well.

Here a short list of changes I’ve noticed. Maybe they aren’t Paleo-based or maybe they are. Either way, I’m still recording the results šŸ™‚

  • Haven’t gained weight yet. I dropped 5 lbs (unintentionally) in my first week so I’m trying to eat more to gain some ground. I assumed the first week was sort of a cleanse from my old life of grains and sugar, so I was expecting some weight loss. Last I checked I’ve gained .5 lb back.
  • Great energy level. I’m eating all the time so I rarely have a mid-afternoon crash.
  • Well rested. I read that eating Paleo can help with your sleep as well. Boy, has it ever! I’m usually awake for my alarm and my body tells me when to go to bed (and I’m listening to it). Generally I wake rested and ready for the day.
  • Eating non-Paleo gives me a hangover. We had our league awards night this weekend which was a pot luck dinner. Yum yum yum! Luckily I was able to easily eat Paleo for the supper, but caved in and had many desserts. (Ummm yah, we had a room JUST for desserts. An entire ROOM! I couldn’t say no to that.) The next morning I felt like I was hit by a truck and felt all gross and bloaty. I blame the desserts. I don’t plan on falling off that wagon for a while again.
  • My muscle tension issues are improving. Still a long way to go, but when I went for a massage last week my therapist noticed a difference. Not sure if it’s the diet, but who cares!!! It’s a win.
  • My teeth! It makes sense you’d have healthier teeth and gums… you’re not eating sugar! They are definitely whiter not nearly as gunky when I go to brush. Win!
  • I’m lifting like a boss. When I do my strength workouts, I’m grunting and groaning and cursing and complaining, but I’m finding I have way more lifting power. Kinda cool for a scrawny chick like me!
  • I’m not sick of the food! I’m following many of the recipes from the Paleo Solution book. I’ve only had one dish so far that I didn’t love.
  • It hasn’t been too expensive (yet)! Grocery shopping has been surprisingly easy and low-cost, even with all the extra meat we’re buying. We’re tracking our grocery bills to figure out a tally at the end of the month.
  • I’ve had no cravings for the forbidden foods. Zero. None. Nadda. I find that extremely strange. But happy about it.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m curious how the rest of the month will continue on and I’m excited to do a full body measurement to see if I’ve gained any bulk in my arms and legs from strength training and upping my protein. Keep your fingers crossed for (positive) progress!


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