Day five of Paleo

No breads, no grains, no sugar, no processed foods.

And you know, so far, I’m okay with it.

A lot of people who go on Paleo are doing it to lose weight. For me however, my goal is to gain… in muscle. I’ve had the desire to gain weight on my brain for a couple of months now. And yah, it’s derby-related. A gal who weighs an extra 10 lbs may be a little harder to knock around. If that same gal is 10 lbs of added muscle, well, I may be knocking right back attacha.

Eating to gain is a mind-fuck to me. As someone who has been slim all their life, gaining weight on purpose is frightening. Sure, I could just eat donuts every day and add gravy to everything and down as much overall food as possible, but the insecure girl inside of me was screaming “You’re going to get FAT if you do it like that.”

Pushing those thoughts away, I’d sit down to supper and eat as much as possible, loading up on pastas and bread, only to head straight to the couch for a nap immediately after. Feeling guilty for being so slothy, I’d up my workouts and cut back on eating to make up for it. I’d gain nothing but frustration.

The last month or so I felt I’ve plateaued in many things and I attributed to the fact I wasn’t eating enough for the level of activity I was doing. I had a sneaking suspicion my body was eating muscle over fat for energy. Eating more of my current diet wasn’t working. I felt more tired, more slothy than ever.

A few derby friends of mine started their Paleo journey with fantastic results, so I started researching. Everything about it seemed to make sense… Eat as much as you want, as much as you need to be satisfied, as long as it’s not grains, sugar or processed foods.


So I bought a book.

Then I watched a movie.

And it just made so much sense.

The husband, who is a chef and works at an Italian restaurant (EEP bad combo for a Paleo person), is going along with this ‘new thing.’ I’m doing, which I’m thankful for because he’s the primary cook in the family being a stay-at-home-dad in the day. My kids are supportive and are at least trying the new things we’re putting on their plate. But I’m sure they are thankful they only have to eat Paleo for supper.

How I stay away from temptation

My kids aren’t on Paleo. They love sandwiches in their lunch, granola bars and rice krispie treats. So as a result, our cupboards were not stripped of all the Paleo forbidden foods.

Strangely, I’m fine with it (so far… this may change. But today, I’m good)

After researching and reading, my thinking has completely changed about the forbidden food products. I don’t really care if they taste good or made me feel better emotionally, because I just don’t WANT them.

So now I get to eat, eat, eat

You know what?

The voice in my head screaming about how I’m going to get fat is gone.

After supper I go to the couch for my ‘regular’ nap and more often than not I find myself staying awake which leads me to do something productive.

I’m snacking on cabbage and tuna salad (I know, right? WTF??? Sounds gross but sooo good)

I’m building on my calorie intake to help build muscle (I’m not counting calories but found out I need about 2200-2500 a day).

My afternoon crashes have changed. (It’s no longer a ‘I want to sleep’ feeling but more of a ‘time to eat for energy’ feeling)

What I hope to come from all this

I realize I may lean down a bit on this at first. But what I hope is that with all the extra protein and good calories I’m getting, my energy level will go way up which will translate well in my training. Only time will tell.

I’m committing for 30 days

Wish me luck.

P.S. I may get some people concerned about my lack of carbs. Don’t worry, I’m getting enough. A large apple contains 31 g of carbs, a banana contains 51 g, yet a whole wheat piece of bread… 12 g.


PPS Watch this if you want to know more about grains/sugars etc…

And this if you want to learn how our body uses food…


3 thoughts on “Day five of Paleo

  1. Wow, good luck! I’m trying to eat more so I can put on muscle as well. It’s weird with derby, because what starts out as a hobby suddenly spreads into all parts of your life, including what you EAT. But it’s all good…

  2. Let me now how it goes for you in the long run, miss Cherri. I’m interested in how the diet works over a time period. 🙂

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