It keeps you running

In preliminary prep for the 2012 Moonlight run, I’ve hit the treadmill since taking a break after the 5 k I participated in last August. After focusing so much into building my upper-body strength, it was fun to change it up and do something different again at the gym this morning.

I forgot how much I loved it.

With the weight training I’ve been doing I have to stay focused to maintain my form and to not drop a weight on my foot. With running however, I can let my mind blissfully wander. I come up with my best ideas when I do my distance runs, from derby strategy to blog posts. It was really nice to get back to that.

In addition to training for my next race, I also realized that I needed to make good on a promise I made in the goals I set almost a year ago. Stupidly, I set one of my running goals as to run a 6-minute-mile.


I’m realistic enough to know I won’t get close to that, but promise to make good on seeing where I’m at in that comparison early in January 2012. I’m not sure if I’m going to try and treadmill test that or if I’m going to hit an indoor track somewhere to take that test. I guess I’ll figure that out after Christmas.

On a positive note, I’ve faired well taking almost 4 months off of running, random coulee runs aside. Today I decided to start easy and comfortably did 3 miles (4.8k) in just under 30 minutes. That works out to 10 minutes per mile (6:25 minutes per km). My pace at the end of my running season I was at 8:13 minutes per mile (5 minutes per km) (That was for a 5k race). So considering I didn’t push myself hard this morning, I have a good start with lots of room to push myself and improve.

Goals for the 6km Moonlight Run

Last year I did 9:46 per mile (about 6 minutes per km). The run up the massive hill at the end of the race is what killed me last year, so I plan on training specifically to beat that and get a better time. I would REALLY love to improve my pace from last year to get down into the 8-minute range.

That means my finish time needs to be anywhere from 29:52 to 33:34.

GAH! What did I just say??? My finish time last year was 35:47 so that’s a lot of minutes to lop off. It also gives me only 82 days to train, while keeping on top of my other fitness training that I plan on continuing into 2012. Not to mention derby practice.

At the same time, I’m in completely different shape in comparison to last March. So even if I won’t be able to commit to running three times a week like I have for past races, I’m confident my other training will keep me conditioned enough to help me reach my goals.

While saying that goal out loud is ridiculously scary, it also motivates me to push through and do my best to achieve it.

Emily Carrnage! I know you read this blog! Ima gunna need some help! 😉


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