I’ve been in a funk. And it sucks. Articulating it in a way to avoid making it sound whiny has been difficult, hence my sudden cyber-quietness on this blog. I needed time to reflect.

The trigger was our last home game against the B-52 Bellas. While I didn’t go into the game cocky, I went in feeling confident I could at least hold my own against the more experienced team.

However they rolled over us and I played my worst game to date. My penalties racked up quickly, I had to fight for every point (a testament to how great the Bellas played!), I lost focus and my technique faltered.

I was a train wreck and felt I did nothing to contribute to the team during that game.

Further self-destructive evaluation made me think of all the hours I was putting into weight training, running and eating right. I rarely miss practice. I participate in all drills. WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT GETTING BETTER? It pissed me off that sacrifices I made to play this sport and excel at it aren’t coming to fruition.

But then I decided that it’s not about getting better, it’s about how badly do I want it.

Missing a game this weekend due to my financial restrictions to travel sucked hard. If anything, it made me even MORE hungry to play. I don’t want to ever have to say no to a roster position if another is offered to me and if given that position I don’t want to come away from it ever saying, ‘I didn’t try hard enough.’

We’re coming into our last game of a 5-game stint (which is a big deal for our little league) and this is probably the most I’ve ever focused on getting my game-head screwed on tight. Perhaps this is the last piece of the puzzle I need to take me to the next level in my game play.

I know I can skate fast; I know I can skate hard; I know I can give and take hits. But now it’s about being always on, ready for anything.

Ready? Ready.

Game Day!

It’s game day, friends and I know a lot of fans will be finding my blog when they search for info.

Full details on the Double Header can be found on our website. But attending will mean you’ll be supporting our local cancer treatment centre!

It’s going to be a fun night of smashy smashy! Hope to see you there!

Cherri ❤

Changing up my routine

It’s been over two months since I made a change to my fitness regime and frankly, I’m bored of it already.

While a part of me is not surprised (because Gemini’s tend to have trouble sticking to ANYTHING for the long term) another part of me is a little disappointed I didn’t push through.

Not only did it become mundane doing the same thing 3 times a week, I had to compete for space because a bootcamp class used the gym at the same time I go. So when I needed to use the cable machine, it was being used; when I needed to use a bench or a bosu, bootcampers were always in the way, invading my space. It just got frustrating.

But I’m not quitting the gym. No no no! I’m moving back to my tried and true NTC App (Nike Training Club). I used the 15 minute ab workout religiously over the summer and saw great results. Their 45 minute workouts use free weights and that’s about it so it allows me to pick a corner in the gym and carve my own space to myself.

The great news is the 2 months of weight training has paid off! I was able to move directly into the advanced strength training workout right away and upped my weights to 15 and 20 lbs per arm depending on the exercise.

Though lateral raises get me every time.

Those. Damn. Lateral. Raises.

Anyways, given the fact there are 3 strength workouts to chose from on the NTC app, I don’t see me getting bored anytime soon. Plus I can always go back to my other regime if the bootcamp people decide to go somewhere else. I still plan on kicking ass with less than 2 months to go!

But enough about that…



Sorry it’s blurry, check out a better poster here!

I’m super excited to be playing against some of my favourites from the Calgary league. But even better???

MEN’S DERBY in Lethbridge!

It’s really something to experience. I’m also excited to watch Coach Brad and his dad Riceball, who play for the Dogs, skate together.

Not only that… It’s a fundraiser for the Lethbridge Jack Ady Cancer Centre AND I’ll be chopping off my hair and donating it to Locks of Love!

Yup! All this hair is going buh-bye!

It’s set to be an exciting weekend! I hope if you’re in the area you’ll come and check it out!