So… Ummm… Yah.

After re-reading my post from last night, I feel pretty ridiculous.

Next time I write like that, you have my permission to come kick me in the ass and yell, “Get some god damn confidence, Cherri!”

In the meantime: **kicks self in ass**


3 thoughts on “So… Ummm… Yah.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of what you’ve accomplished! It’s very rewarding for anyone to see that their baby steps from goal-setting and little tweaks and improvements in their game are paying off :). Taking it one game and one goal at a time, like you said, is a good way to look at it. It’s good not to let recent success or failure define how you feel about your ability.

    I guess making the transition to the mindset of being a player that is highly depended upon can be pretty stressful. Don’t let your recent success make you feel like you have to be the star every game, because you don’t… and even if you’re not scoring points, if you play good defensively you won’t be a liability in any games, so there’s no reason for anyone to “drop you on your ass” ;). A good player is a consistent player, so just be consistent in your effort and in the things you can control, and you shouldn’t have any games that you are ashamed of.

    PS: I ❀ u. πŸ™‚

  2. Seriously though? I don’t think it was whiny or weird at. All. I have had that same feeling at times when I have improved at activities, and there’s always that feeling of “okay, when is the bottom going to drop out from under me? Is this real? Am I actually getting really good? Or am I just on a lucky streak?” And it’s a crappy, crazy, scary feeling… and you don’t want to tell anyone because they’ll just write it off. But, yeah, I’m guessing it’s more common than anyone thinks.

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