Sit up then T-up to the broad plank and push up to a sprint till you *beep* (test)

My dedicated readers should know by now what a stats geek I am. So when fitness guru Emily Carrnage and the training committee decided it was time for our league to do some fitness testing, I got a little excited.

Then I got a little nauseous.

Why, you ask?

The fact that once you complete your testing, improvement is now EXPECTED for the next test (which is 4 months down the road) puts some pressure on. In addition, with the realization that while these tests are for you to personally set a benchmark to improve from, inevitably others are going to compare and compete. It’s not a bad thing if that’s what you need to push yourself. But also not an idea I’m personally comfortable with, as I feel it can bring on gym intimidation; which is real and something I had a hard time getting over and still sometimes struggle with even now.

However, bound and determined, I went to the test on Monday to push my limits, just to see how far I’ve come. On some, I have a large span for improvement. On others, I set my bar pretty high to improve on. Not a bad thing; it’s just made me start thinking pretty consciously about what I need to do over the next four months. On top of my existing goals, it will be a challenge to work towards improving these as well.

Here’s my stats (NERD POWER) along with some personal observations of my own performance for each test. I’m also including some new goals I’d like to shoot for (I have no idea if my goals are realistic or not, but I need something to shoot for to make me work harder)


12.8 seconds

I honestly thought I would do better on this one. It’s a series of short sprints where you have to run forwards, shuffle sideways and backwards while touching marked points. Challenging on our slippery venue floor, but when I first saw how the test worked, I thought I would do better.

New goal
11.8 seconds
On better floors: 10-second range

5 minutes, 15 seconds

Not gunna lie, I rocked this one and I’m very proud of this time. It’s nice to see all the ab work I’m doing is paying off.

New goal
6 minutes

Sprint Test

15 m sprint
3.1 seconds

Sprinting has never been a strong point for me and ironically on my first try, I went into a derby start run with little steps instead of going into a full-out stride. Funny how derbified my head is.

New goal
2.8 seconds

48 in one minute

My pace for these situps were pretty consistent, so I don’t know if I could physically go much faster. I started slowing down at the 40 mark. So…

New goal

Broad Jump

Broad Jump
1.74 metres (That’s more than my height, neat!)

I feel broad jump is a lot of technique mixed in with power. I admit, I pussy’d out a bit. My first jump I gave a hard go at it but my landing sent some jarring through my knees. I still went for a second try (you get three tries for this one) and since I scored the exact same distance the second try, I didn’t bother going again out of fear of jarring my knees further. I need to focus on technique for next time because I know I have power in these legs!

New goal
1.84 metres

Push Up Test

Pushups (from toes)
30 in one minute

Had I done this on my knees, I would have rocked it. But after some encouragement from my pushup partner, I decided to go on toes (we had the option of doing one or the other). However, I still feel I did well. I went until I couldn’t physically push myself up anymore; my elbows were shaking like jello. I ended the set with colourful language out of happiness of being finished.

New goal
Let’s go for my age… 38

Beep Test

Beep Test (Shuttle Test)
43 shuttles, level 6.2

Much to my surprise, I enjoyed this one. I loved how I was forced to lengthen my stride with every level in order to make it to the marker before the next beep. The constant stops and starts were most challenging. After some beep test research, I found out I qualify for the Canadian Military with this score if I were a man. (Level 6 is the qualifier for men. The women’s beep test qualifier was level 4). I now see a trend that my lower body acceleration/power needs to be improved. I know I can push myself harder.

New goal
Level 7

(See male and female standards for these and many other fitness tests here. Which is also where I got all these photos from! You can click on the photos to send you to the source.)

So that’s it! That’s where I’m at. I’m excited to see where I can go. I’m also approaching the end of month 9 of my year of fitness goals & nutrition goals, so I’m excited to explore where I’m at with those come the end of September.


6 thoughts on “Sit up then T-up to the broad plank and push up to a sprint till you *beep* (test)

  1. I’m a bit of test junkie – I hardly do anything I can’t score myself on (or compete against someone else). Thanks for the link on this. I’m feeling the need to do some testing and see if I best myself in a month or two. Keep publishing your scores – it’s motivating for others 😉

  2. You really kicked ass on those tests. Hopefully we’ll get to do the T-Test on a better floor next time, it should help a lot. The committee’s gonna have to do some research into other venues anyway, because really, we can’t do the beep test outside in January.

    I am also a stats geek, and when I post the scores I’ll be posting the calculations of the best, median, and mean scores for each test as well. The point’s not gym intimidation so much as to give the girls who have never done the tests before an idea of what they did relatively well on and where they could see some improvement, what to shoot for, etc. Also, since half the point of introducing the tests was to motivate the team to focus more on physical fitness outside of derby, I don’t think giving something to compare against is a bad thing. Sometimes people need to realize that they’re falling behind before they will pick it up. But obviously some of us are more personal-goals oriented and some of us are more competitive, so not everybody will respond the same anyway. Overall, I am more impressed with everyone who showed up than those who didn’t, regardless of score. Attendance wasn’t terrific, so all the girls who came out have something to be proud of. 🙂

    • (If we book enough in advance, we would probably get the college’s gym!)

      I agree with you in that there should be some sort of comparison and what you outline sounds like a fantastic idea.

      Gym intimidation, for me, means someone who may be less physically active feeling like they can’t compete or feeling intimidated during an activity because of existing self-consious ideas in their head or being made to feel less-than-worthy because they can’t keep up. But I think you did a good job on relaying that the point of this was to beat yourself.

      I love how supportive of each other everyone has been this week! The path to fitness is a long, hard road. It took me a long time to get to the point of this kind of motivation for myself. I want to help as many others with their journey as well! 🙂

      You rock Em!

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