I just like saying the word ‘Bosu’

So many on my team are catching the fitness bug and that’s really exciting. From a group starting their own running club to my derby wife planking during breaks in her office to our sponsorship committee getting the league a great deal on gym memberships, it seems everyone is getting more active outside of regular practices!

Perhaps it has to do with the fact our training committee announced we’re going to be put through fitness testing in a couple weeks. Eep!

Time to get motivated…

I started a new regime last week. While I took it easy on myself prior to my 5k, today was the first day I did the full 3 sets of each exercise. By the end I was sweating and breathing hard and somewhat thankful the gym was deserted in the morning so no one could hear me grunt through each set.

This is going to challenge me for a while.

The trainer who designed my plan gave me permission to publish it so I’m posting for Emily Carrnage, who wanted to geek talk about it with me. πŸ™‚ This is for you, Emily!

**My trainer did mention that I’m supposed to say this program isn’t for everyone. It’s a more advanced fitness level so a beginner should not attempt this whole program without supervision or have someone to make sure they are doing it correctly.

These exercises are broken into groups of two. I perform a set of each within the group, until I have completed 3 sets of each exercise. Takes me exactly one hour! I love it so far!

Group 1

Chest Fly with Leg Extension: 3 sets of 8-12
β€’ Laying on bench, legs bent at 90degrees, while flying extend legs straight engaging core


You have to control your legs on this to keep your lower back from lifting. Tough.

Plank Walk Push up: 3 sets of 8-12
β€’ In Bridge position push up and walk hands and feet over. Keep back straight and bum down.


Walking across the floor, doing a push up after each 'step'. This guy looks like he's having a lot of fun.

Group 2

Body Row: 3 sets of 8-12
β€’ Using Smith Machine, hands shoulder width apart, keep back straight, pull chest to bar.


Not gunna lie, I feel badass doing this one .

Plank Jacks: 3 sets 30 – 45s
β€’ In plank position perform jacks with your feet back and forth


She's having lots of fun too. Can you see?


Group 3

Bulgarian with Bicep Curl – Shoulder Press: 3 sets of 8-12
β€’ Alternate leg – 1 leg on bench, squat down, hold while performing bicep curl – stand up while preforming shoulder press


This movement with an added bicep curl and shoulder press. Ow

High Knees with alternate Shoulder Press: 3 sets 30-45s
β€’ Weights at shoulders, perform high knees while pressing up alternating arms


This movement mixed with high knees makes me want to die.

Group 4

Squat with 1 arm Cable Row: 3 sets of 8-12
β€’ Using Cable machine – 1 arm row in to a squat – all one movement. Keep Core tight and knees behind toes. Repeat on each side.


I enjoy this one because it a machine. Machines are fun (but don't sound as awesome as 'Bosu')

Bosu Burpees (FSU): 3 sets 30 – 45s
β€’ Start in plank postion, jump feet in, stand up press Bosu over head & repeat


OMG burpees. But Bosu burpees aren't too terrible.

Group 5

Bosu Squat & Tricep Kick Back (FSU): 3 sets of 8-12
β€’ Standing on flat side. Weights at side, squat down, hold squat, kick back & repeat


I look like an idiot getting on this thing. Lol

Bosu Mtn Climbers: 3 sets 30 – 45s
β€’ Bosu – Flat side up. Hold on to each side and alternate knees to chest (running motion)


I pretend I'm doing cardio in case of a zombie attack when I do this one

Group 6

Bosu Ladder Plank (RSU) : 3 sets 30-45s
β€’ Maintaining proper plank form lift yourself one arm at a time to your hands – hold for a 2 count (do not swivle hips – keep them pointed to ground)
β€’ Lower yourself down onto left elbow, then right elbow. Back to starting postion & Repeat


These are worse than burpees and make me want to die!

Bosu Plank with Alternate Knees (FSU) : 3 sets 30-45s
β€’ In plank position (bum down, back straight, ) altnernate knees to chest while keeping bum down


By this point I'm spent and very very smelly.

What I hope to get out of this

  • More strength in my upper body
  • Stronger core
  • Increased and stronger ‘energy bursts’

I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss my long treadmill warmups (I’ve gone from 20 minutes to 5 minutes to keep the workout within an hour) and the machine strength training I did on my legs (I was using the squat, hamstring and seated leg press). But I hope this will balance my body a bit because my lower body is more powerful than my upper and I want to keep them even-steven as possible!

Four months to go on my year-long fitness goal setting! BRING IT!



11 thoughts on “I just like saying the word ‘Bosu’

    • Initially goal setting for me was a big help. Just going to the gym because “I have to” wasn’t enough to motivate me. But going to the gym so I don’t die during a 5k run was very different in my mind and kept me going. Goals are easy to set! It can be something simple like running 1k in 10 minutes, lose 5 lbs or something fun like beat Mamasita in an arm wrestling competition πŸ˜‰ Whatever gives you the drive to push yourself. Then customize your workout around that goal.

      What’s great is your goals can easily change in evolve. After witnessing 2 of my teammates break bones during practice, that gave me motivation to start weight training. Did you know weight training builds bone mass faster than taking calcium pills? Plus osteoporosis runs in my family; another motivator. Stronger bones, ligaments, muscles will support your body better when you do take that big hit in derby. Freak accidents aside, I’ve experienced fewer minor injuries since starting weight training.

      The other thing I would suggest is have a workout plan you enjoy. If you are hating every minute of it then It’s not right for you and it will be harder to get to the gym. When I first started I was all about the machines because they brought an element of ‘fun’ for me. I made up my own plan at first, logged my own progress and when I started seeing progress (like getting to increase in weight after 2 weeks) I made it a game on how hard I could push myself. Having a workout buddy, not necessarily one you actually work out with, but someone you can brag to about how much you can bench press, as your support system and cheerleader, is a big ego boost too. Seriously, my derby wife and I have long conversations about our biceps πŸ™‚

      The last tip I have would be to schedule it like you schedule a doctor appointment. You wouldn’t miss a doctor appointment to get healthy, so don’t miss your gym appointment because it’s for your health too! Pick a time when you are most motivated and have the most energy, but make sure it won’t be easily shuffled aside due to other life commitments.

      I know it’s hard to stay motivated. This has been a long struggle for me to get to this point. I got my first gym membership in August of 2010 but didn’t REALLY start going until December 2010. But once I started seeing results, it got more fun and I started treating my body like a science project; changing routines and what I ate so see how my body reacted.

      But seriously Dazzler, you’ve made the first step, which is so great and I’m super proud of you! I hope this helps a bit!

      • Wow thank you … thank you for not saying “oh, just do it and it will become a habit” – thank you for saying that it’s not easy to always be motivated right away. I was feeling UN-motivated because everyone was telling me that getting started should be so much fun and easier after a week or two. Goals. Written goals. I think you are right, that is key, and scheduling it. I’m going to put it in my office planner like I would a meeting. πŸ™‚

        Your journey is great to follow – I love that you are so excited, and I love your science project reference. That, I can wrap my head around.

        you rock!

  1. Just read this again… based from the exercises, the supersets (groupings), and the sets and reps you’ve got going on, I’d say it looks like it’s pretty much bang on for what you said you want to improve. It should definitely be helping you bulk up your arms a bit… hopefully you’ll gain a few pounds and slide out a little less, like you were saying to me. Stronger core, yep. I’m going to hopefully pick up some of your exercises soon.. maybe in January I’ll be able to plank for 5:15 too πŸ˜› (no, I won’t). And yeah, you’ve got some burpees and mountain climbers in there too, which should help your energy bursts somewhat.

    If you really want to focus on power and acceleration as a more primary goal, there’s some other techniques that might be useful. While burpees definitely are good for power, they are typically done many in a row, and by the end you’re too tired to do them full blast. The key to really working on power is to make sure you do most of your work on it when you’re fresh enough to do it really well. Learning to still be powerful when you’re tired is more of an advanced stage. I actually love working on lower-body power, it’s for sure my fave type of exercise for the lower body.

    There are lots of basic plyometrics you can do that will give you explosive power to go with your crazy endurance levels. I do a lot of that stuff and I find it helps me juke and jive quickly enough to evade pivots (well, sometimes). I’m sure you can google plyometrics, but practically it’s a lot of jumping in different forms. Jumping over things, jumping off of things and jumping upon landing, even just hopping around… all of that stuff will help. I have this awesome book left over from my first year that has a section on plyo if you’d like to borrow it. The physiological science behind it is kind of cool too… stretch-shortening cycle and all… k I’m getting nerdy so I’ll shut up now. But I’ll try to remember to bring that book on Thursday.

    • NERD POWER!!!! Thanks for your input! I’m finding the upper-body parts so challenging, the lower body parts are staggering a bit (eg my pushing up on my lunges aren’t overly energetic). I hope that once my upper body catches up a bit I’ll be able to do more full body bursts. I think after next week I’ll be ready to also up my free weights from 10lbs each to 12lbs, which is a HUGE deal for me! (I’ve never gone higher than 10 for anything!)

    • Three mornings a week… Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then I usually do 6 km run on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on which day I’m most energetic (usually Sunday) You’ll join me on one of those runs soon, yes?

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