My last race was a 6k in the dark. Yesterday’s race was a 5k in the sun! Thanks Taber Cornfest for holding such a fun event! I had a blast!

I had some goals going into this race which included:
1) don’t die
2) maintain my pace that I’ve been training under (5 minutes per km)
3) place in the top 3 for my division

That last goal had me really nervous and I didn’t tell anyone for fear of failing. In hindsight, even if I didn’t make that third goal, I would have been proud given the all around improvement from my last race.


Canon time: 25:30
Chip time: 25:29 (that’s when I physically crossed the start and finish line)

Placement Stats…
Category: 3rd out of 93 runners
Female 5k runners: 12th out of 117 runners
All 5k runners: 36th out of 184 runners

Pace: 8:13 per mile (By comparison the pace of my last race was 9:46 per mile… A big improvement!)

After the race I became a ravenous being, eating everything in my path, which has spilled into this morning. Hahaha bring on the food coma!

As for my next race, I think I’m going to take a break from running for a bit so I can focus on my new weight training regime. I plan on participating in the Moonlight Run again next March. That race and the Taber Cornfest race are nicely spaced apart enough for me 🙂

I should mention that I need to thank the sport of roller derby for getting me back into this running business. I would have never remained focused and dedicated or had the drive to succeed had it not been for this amazing sport. It’s been pretty cool to achieve the goals I set for myself!

Me getting my medal!




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