OMG she said ‘Burpees’

The last three months I’ve been focusing on weight training as well as building some endurance as I’m participating in the Taber Cornfest 5k on Saturday.

But now that summer is almost over, my leisurely 2-hour afternoon gym sessions have to come to an end. I needed to find a way to condense my workouts to one hour as well as moving them to early morning so I can fit it in with work, derby practice, chauffeuring kids to their fall activities, etc, etc.

I wake up sort of okay in the morning; functioning effectively  is another story. At my first 2 morning gym sessions I’ve been very sluggish and have had difficulty staying motivated due to the fact the gym is deserted at 6:30 a.m.

I’m also getting bored of my regime. While I’m seeing results (enough to satisfy my vanity and my fitness goals) the Gemini in me is looking for an extreme changeup.

Enter Amber, fitness trainer at my gym.

I sat down with her today, presented what I’m doing and told her I want the same results, but condensed into an hour.

She said she’s going to build a routine that’s going to focus on multiple muscle groups per exercise, therefore effectively condensing my workout into my time constraints.

‘Like burpees,’ she says.


Taken in June 2010. I'm not out of shape here, but I look an unhealthy skinny. My body has definitely changed and hardened up a bit.

I’m immediately nervous at this thought. While their effects are amazing, burpees are haaaaaaarrrrrdddd and the fact I’m already having issues staying motivated at my new gym time, I hope I can find the inner strength to remain focused on my goals and look past the exercise that sounds more like a gastro-intestinal disease than an exercise.

Keeping my eye on the prize will be key in an effort to achieve success. (Yah, I have some vanity issues mixed in here) Reminding myself of this will help… And this… And the athleticism involved in derby will be key. Also Coach Brad gave me some tips on getting my derby head in check, using mindfulness, which will hopefully keep me focused in the gym as well.

I know I’m being really hard on myself. Truthfully, I’ve come a long way since I first started skating and in the last three months I’ve achieved a lot. Treating my body like a science project, feeding it and exercising it to see what results I can get, has been fun. And now that I’m well into the second half of my fitness goals that I set in January, I have what I need to reach for and need to step up.

Wednesday I’m meeting with Amber to see what she has store for me. Wish me luck!


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