This was actually taken last month. It's even better now 🙂

I’m six months into my goal setting year. The last month and a half I’ve been working really hard and I’m seeing and feeling results. In fact, I can cross a few things off my list as definitely accomplished! I’m posting pictures which is extreme goading on my part. But I figured I can toot my own horn every once in a while. 🙂


It’s a lifestyle for me now and my fitness has increased by leaps and bounds as a result. Plus myself and bunch of other derby peeps are eyeing a 10k in August. Epp!

Core strength

Check! Two months ago I couldn’t hold a side plank on my left side. My stability has greatly increased and I feel my overall skating ability due to my increased core strength has improved.

I still can't win an arm wrestling contest. Maybe one day

Arm strength

Check! I have a long ways to go. But when I look at pictures of me from last August, I’m surprised my arms didn’t break like toothpicks.

As a side note, my entire body shape has changed as a result of derby. It’s a pretty fascinating transformation, actually. I wish I had taken a before picture back in December.

Toestop running

Check! This photo was taken of me at our fundraising bout. I can still push harder, but this form is a big accomplishment for me!

Now I just have to lengthen my run and jump a little higher!

Be a more aggressive jammer

I feel I’m much less timid compared to January and I’m pretty sure most of it is from the extra confidence from the extra training I’m doing.

Knock a bitch down

There is always room for improvement, but it’s happening!

Backwards crossovers

Check! I am not used to skating backwards fast, but I can do some good clean crossovers!

Fast tomahawks

Getting there! Oh so close!


Water consumption has increased and I’m making good choices about what I’m eating, while not denying myself either. Breakfast is still eluding me, but I’m getting a little better.


A with the list of accomplishments, I still have some things I want to work on

  • Jump the apex
  • Stronger personal head game
  • Stronger strategy game
  • Gain weight (in muscle)

So that’s my training update! I have made a promise to myself to get back into blogging (it’s hard when the weather is nice) and to get back to topics I’ve promised myself I would write about. So hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me soon! Plus I have much to share about the last two games I played in. It’s been a good derby-filled summer so far!



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