The importance of cross-training

Back when I was a young fresh meat skater attending the CWRDA bootcamp in Edmonton, I remember hearing the words of skater Hisset Fit who spoke, prior to a training session with a Calgary speedskating coach, how important cross-training was in roller derby. She then stated as proof, that her right leg was larger from the left as a result of not focusing enough on other parts of her body.

Well, my friends… it has happened.

A right of passage, perhaps? Or a signal to get busy?

This is my scientific measurement of my thighs. Without a proper flexible measuring tape, I opted to use my belt. Sitting, while placing my feet firmly on the ground and an even distance apart, I wrapped my belt around each thigh and marked the distance. I was careful to ensure that I was taking measurement from the same height above the knee of both legs and a consistent tension of the belt.

The result is 1-1/8 inches of difference between my thighs. (Sounds kinda dirty hahahaha) While some would see it as a great increase in strength on one side, I now see it as definitive weakness on the other, as my derby wife pointed out. So I will be altering my off-skate activities to focus a bit more on my left side as I will always have roller derby practice to focus continued strength-training on the right.

Have any of you measured your thighs lately? I’d love to hear your size difference, if any. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other tidbits:

  • I will be playing with the Gas City Rollers next weekend in Calgary against the B-52 Bellas! Come out for awesome double-header action! May 14, 2011, doors open at 5 p.m., first bout at 6 p.m. Triwood Arena, 2244 Chicoutimi Drive Northwest. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door.
  • Our coach has been spending portions of practice working fundamentals. I feel it’s really paying off! My transitions are smoother, my tomahawks are more confident at higher speeds and I feel much more powerful on my starts. I’m excited to continue working on my footwork to reap even more benefits in my general skating.
  • I’m changing gyms soon and moving to a more intense regime. Wish me luck!
  • Mother’s Day is coming! Happy Mother’s Day to all my momish readers!

7 thoughts on “The importance of cross-training

  1. Oh boy, I am off to measure my thighs now. My previous cross training was in the water and I found that I just pushed harder with one side and I eneded up splashing around in circles (much to everyone else’s amusement and annoyance). I know there is a difference, and now I get to find out how wonky I really am ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I can visibly see the difference in mine! My muscle sits higher on one side, and I have only just realised this is why when I squat at the gym I feel wonky! because I push harder on one side. do you have a post up about what exercises you do to combat this?

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