Thanks for the support, readers!

Yes, I sat at my phone and kept refreshing as the number drew near so I could capture it. **blush**

Never in my life would I have expected this little blog to reach five figures.

I appreciate all of you who take the time to sit and read my ramblings, whether you’re a new skater, veteran skater or just curious. I hope you continue to be entertained and informed as I continue my journey. Thanks for reading!

Last night was our Guild board meeting, which always has me come away with additions to my to-do list. The summer is going to be a busy one filled with fundraising, a home scrimmage to raise money for Womenspace (yes, derby will FINALLY be returning to Lethbridge), an away game and a whole slough of other projects.

On top of that I’m looking for a summer job as my ‘real’ job is on hiatus. Juggle, juggle, juggle.

Back to derby… this last weekend I had the honour of playing once again with the Gas City Rollers in Calgary against the B-52 Bellas. Our first half was weak; Deathbridge skater Exie Cuter, who came to take in the bout, said it reminded her of the South Park episode where the elementary school took on the Detroit Red Wings… LOL But we made up for it a bit in the second half. Despite our efforts we lost, 151 – 116, but I gained tons of experience and another list of skills to work on. Well wishes to Mama Ro of the Bellas, who suffered an ankle fracture and dislocation. owowowowowow I missed how it happened, but saw the aftermath of the dangling foot. 😦 Get better soon Mama Ro!

A highlight of the night was my 70+ year-old aunt came to watch me play, along with my sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephews. It was their first bout and afterwards talking to my aunt, she was so flabbergasted at the whole ordeal she wasn’t sure if she should be proud or concerned. Her reaction was fun to watch. (She wouldn’t admit it, but I think she was more proud than anything πŸ˜‰ )

On top of everything else, I’m stepping up my dryland workouts, which is exciting and painful all at once. Using Ms Cheetah Von Teese’s personal workout for inspiration, I’ve developed a regime in the hopes I can work up to what Cheetah is doing. Considering I was on the receiving end of many of her hits this past weekend, I’m looking forward to getting stronger and giving her a run for her money next time we meet. πŸ™‚

Other than that, I’m currently researching a new blog post: foot pain and skates. Do you have a foot tip or mysterious foot pain? Drop me a line or comment on this post and I’ll research and try and include it.

Thanks for reading, friends!

The importance of cross-training

Back when I was a young fresh meat skater attending the CWRDA bootcamp in Edmonton, I remember hearing the words of skater Hisset Fit who spoke, prior to a training session with a Calgary speedskating coach, how important cross-training was in roller derby. She then stated as proof, that her right leg was larger from the left as a result of not focusing enough on other parts of her body.

Well, my friends… it has happened.

A right of passage, perhaps? Or a signal to get busy?

This is my scientific measurement of my thighs. Without a proper flexible measuring tape, I opted to use my belt. Sitting, while placing my feet firmly on the ground and an even distance apart, I wrapped my belt around each thigh and marked the distance. I was careful to ensure that I was taking measurement from the same height above the knee of both legs and a consistent tension of the belt.

The result is 1-1/8 inches of difference between my thighs. (Sounds kinda dirty hahahaha) While some would see it as a great increase in strength on one side, I now see it as definitive weakness on the other, as my derby wife pointed out. So I will be altering my off-skate activities to focus a bit more on my left side as I will always have roller derby practice to focus continued strength-training on the right.

Have any of you measured your thighs lately? I’d love to hear your size difference, if any. πŸ™‚

Other tidbits:

  • I will be playing with the Gas City Rollers next weekend in Calgary against the B-52 Bellas! Come out for awesome double-header action! May 14, 2011, doors open at 5 p.m., first bout at 6 p.m. Triwood Arena, 2244 Chicoutimi Drive Northwest. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door.
  • Our coach has been spending portions of practice working fundamentals. I feel it’s really paying off! My transitions are smoother, my tomahawks are more confident at higher speeds and I feel much more powerful on my starts. I’m excited to continue working on my footwork to reap even more benefits in my general skating.
  • I’m changing gyms soon and moving to a more intense regime. Wish me luck!
  • Mother’s Day is coming! Happy Mother’s Day to all my momish readers!