Hockey playoffs are done for me, so I’m back

Well, my hockey team got eliminated from playoffs last night, so I guess that’s my cue to start blogging again.

The last couple weeks have been busy with watching hockey, work and dealing with derby business on and off the track. A lot has happened. I think the only way to go through it all and keep it organized is through point form.

  • Our dear Attila TheMum took a bad fall a few weeks ago and broke her wrist. We’ve had some concussions, shoulder separations, knee injuries, etc. but this was our first for-real broken bone on a teammate. It scary and it’s hard to not think about what if it had been you. We do our best to fall properly, but weird things just happen that’s out of our control.
  • The following practice I tried to jump over a skater who had fallen in front of me and I dreadfully failed. I came down hard with my right shoulder hitting the ground with all my weight behind it. A trip to the chiropractor resulted him in being concerned about swelling and popping in my shoulder and he had me off full contact.

    Myself and Bashin Bindi working on a drill as Coach Pauly looks on.

  • That Saturday was our weekend bootcamp with Coach Pauly. We partnered with the Gas City Rollers and skated at the arena in Brooks. As far as I’m concerned, Coach Pauly is the cornerstone of the world of roller derby, coaching for top teams and is now working with Edmonton’s own E-Ville league full-time. He is also the coach of the upcoming Team Canada roller derby team and wow, are we ever lucky to have him in our province. The first time I met Coach Pauly I wasn’t even benchmarked but I attended a couple of his CWRDA sessions at bootcamp in Edmonton. So I was really excited to have the opportunity to skate under his tutorage again. However, my shoulder injury kept me from any full-on contact drills so I didn’t get the full effect from the weekend like I wanted. But overall, learned A LOT! Even by just watching.
  • During Sunday’s bootcamp our dear Jesse Dahmer fell victim to a bad fall during a drill and broke her leg in two places… that’s two skaters, two broken limbs, in less than a week. Again, it’s hard not to think about this stuff.

    Sunday morning warmup at the Brooks arena. Yes, I'm wearing my winter coat... it was effin' COLD in there! Photo by Medi

  • Medi Lizious and I had a really good chat while the gals continued their drills at the bootcamp. I expressed my concern about the number of serious injuries that were happening. She assured me there were things I could do to help protect myself from broken bones… EXERCISE! The more you exercise, the faster your bone mass builds and the stronger your muscles and ligaments are to help hold your bones in place if the unfortunate were to happen.
  • Taking this advice and realizing how much I’ve been plagued by upper-body injuries, I decided to make a more conscious effort to do more weight training. So I contacted the lovely Cheetah Von Teese from the Calgary Roller Derby league for her workout regime. She is all muscle and beauty like her namesake(s) and I’m in awe of what she does on a weekly basis. Training starts in May… wish me luck with that.
  •  Back to the bootcamp; Coach Pauly lead our leagues on a round table discussion about whatever we wanted to talk about. The conversations were candid and honest and also brought out some issues that we, as a league, need to improve and/or solve before we can move on. I’m happy that our league is continuing the conversations to make us a better unit overall.
  •  With spring here, it means a move back into the Adams Ice arena for practice. But unfortunately scheduling isn’t really on our side and we can only have practices Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But my dear derby wife is still working hard to find us a more permanent home where only we dictate the hours we can skate.
  •  We are also so thrilled to have a local retailer see how cool rollerskating is, whether you derby or not, and has started to carry gear! Wheels, skates, bearings, knee pads, helmets… EVERYTHING! So if you’re passing through Lethbridge, make sure you throw some support to Steel Sass.
  • Countdown to my trip to Rollercon in Las Vegas in July is going to start soon. You’ve been warned.
  • I’m so pleased that our new fresh meat coach I.C. Nuffin is making our freshies work hard! We continue to see new faces and many returns every week. It makes me so happy to have helped create a league that so many can take part in. We’re hovering around the 40-mark for skaters with many freshies close in their skills to allow them to come to practice full-time. Thinking about league expansion is so exciting!!!!!!

So in a nutshell, that’s what’s been going on. Lots more is going on in my head in regards to my own development and how I’m fitting in with the league, but I’ll save that for another day.

Derby love to you all!!!!


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