Just barely out of reach

We were SO close.

So close to finding a space. Not just any space… a space that was dedicated as ours.

A space we could afford.

A space we could decorate.

A space where we could set up a permanent track.

A space that could have become an athletic and derby training resource.

A space where WE could dictate our practice schedule.

A space to store our fresh meat loaner gear… Not to mention pylons, tape, medical supplies, tools… Stuff that gets shuffled to every practice by the dedicated ones.

So close.

We wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did without Betty Believit; negotiating hard with local realtors, building owners and filtering through city bureaucracy.

The good news is that this chapter has an epilogue and there still may be something to celebrate a couple months down the road.

Keep all limbs and appendages crossed for us!


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