…and now for something a little different

This is what we do in our spare time…

I guess I should explain a little bit… every month the Dames and friends get together to celebrate the birthdays of the month. This one was a themed SPARKLE PARTY fashioned after this video

We decided we couldn’t look this fabulous without hitting up a local bar with a kick ass flash-mob-esque dance routine. This is our dress rehearsal. So there you go… something a little different.

This is WordPress’ idea for an April Fool’s joke… did anyone else get this?

Well played WordPress... well played.

I logged into my stats to find a huge bar indicating over 100 hits in one day! But I mouse over on the actual bar to find my real hits. What a bunch of comedians those WordPress people are.

And finally, the Cherri Cam!

I went for my first hard outdoor skate this evening. (STATS 9 km in 35 minutes, top speed 23.9km/hour) But just for fun I decided to pull out my video camera and record my favourite section of trail I like to skate on during my last 5 minutes. According to my GPS I was traveling at about 18 km/hour, hence the bumpy, jiggly video.

With the video reminiscent of being chased by zombies, I decided to pay homage to one of my favourite local Calgary bands, The Nix Dicksons and play one of my favourite songs, Curtis’ Zombie Movie. Enjoy!

To hear more the Nix Dicksons, go here!


2 thoughts on “…and now for something a little different

  1. Hi there! Don’t know if my original comment went through, as I discovered I was not “subscribed” the first go around. So, hoping this one reaches you! Anyway, would like to kindly ask you what the music is that is playing in your sparkle party video? I like all sorts of music and this particular one was awesome and would love to be able to get hold of it or something similar. Thanks very much! 🙂

    • That is actually stock music from my video editing program. So I don’t think it has a name. Sorry!!! But if you have a Mac computer it’s in their stock library in the GarageBand program. 🙂 thanks for reading!

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