Exciting things coming up the track!

Did you ever wish for something so hard that you’re afraid to even speak of it for fear of uttering the very words it will not come to fruition?

I have that problem right now. But hopefully I will be able to share some exciting news with you soon!

Onto other updates…

It was a great derby-filled and skating weekend. I attended a conference for work in Calgary, which allowed me to take in Lloyd’s Roller Rink Friday night with my family, along with my niece and nephews. It was busy, as usual, but I had a blast skating with all the kids and putting my 5-year-old nephew on roller skates for the first time. He did great!

Saturday afternoon I attended a practice with the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs, the men’s league in Calgary. Admittedly, I was nervous practising with boys, but they were so welcoming! Mamasita’s drills were very effective, focusing on 2-3 skills within a drill instead of just one skill.

Scrimmaging was a blast in that tiny gym, with the wall essentially being out-of-bounds. I was pleased to find that I could hold my own amongst some of the 6-foot players, though I suspect they went easy on me too. hahaha It was also a pleasure to meet some other gals involved in the Calgary Roller Derby Association! I hope to hit up another Dogs practice in the near future!

This was the slipperiest floor I’ve ever skated on, but came away with some great tips on how to help with that… I’m simply not leaning enough inside to make my wheels dig. More adjustments to my skates and strength training will help that a lot. I’m looking forward to pushing myself to really lean in hard.

Sunday was my first practice as a non-fresh meat coach. While I missed kibitzing with the fresh crew, it was awesome to practice with the rest of the gals in full capacity. We’re going to be going through skills evaluation soon, so we did some work on conditioning with urging from the coach to push harder every time.

The push-pull drill is now one of my favourites as it allows us to keep track of our improvement in endurance. We pair up with a similar skater in size and skill. Then we do laps… I push my partner for one lap, then she pushes me. Then I push her for two laps, then she pushes me. This goes on until the count of 5 laps, then we switch to pulling where the skater grabs your hips and is now dead weight behind you instead of in front of you. The goal is to have each skater do 5 sets of each in 8 minutes. Myself and Bones ‘O Fury completed our 5 pushes and got to 3.5 pulls in that time frame. I’m really excited to do more than that next time!

Overall, I was really happy with my skating performance this weekend. With helpful tips from the Dogs, along with some other tips I received from Kid Kickurass and Spaz, I’m cruising along with my personal goals on hitting and toe stop running.

I can also feel the effects my extra-curricular running and derby dryland is having on my skating. I’m not nearly as tired at the end of drills I used to be, even when I’m pushing myself. It makes me excited that days of sore muscles and days where I don’t want to work out, but go anyway, are paying off!

A huge shout out to the gals who will be at tryouts for the Calgary Roller Derby Association this weekend on April 2. Many have been training hard, attending beginner skate lessons, boot camps and picking up extra practices with the Dogs to help claim on a spot in the league! Great job and good luck!!!!



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