I did more than finish…

I changed it to my derby name, but I assure you, it's me! See my bib number ๐Ÿ™‚


Runner number 1754 and wearing a special wrist band, provided by my derby wife! โค


Canon time: 36:27
Chip time: 35:47 (that’s when I physically crossed the start and finish line)

Placement Stats…
Category: 5th out of 93 runners
Female 6k runners: 101st out of 975 runners
All 6 k runners: 283rd out of 1488 runners

Pace: 9:46 per mile (By comparison I usually do 10 minutes per mile on the treadmill)

Highlights include running in the dark at the river bottom (sorta creepy), running in a gentle snowfall with HUGE flakes that I choked on a couple times, a bag piper standing on the corner of Scenic and 3rd Avenue blasting out tunes as we ran down and up a huge hill and the pounding of a drumming circle situated at the river bottom.

Edited to add: Just for fun, my playlist for the run!

And doing a lot better than I thought I would!!!! It was totally fun!

4 thoughts on “I did more than finish…

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