Tonight, under the light of the supermoon*…

I’ll be doing this

6 km race? 6 km race.

Looking back to what I wrote on New Year’s Eve, I never expected part of the result of sticking to my resolutions derby fitness goals would be running in a race. And considering the string of bad luck I’ve had, first with my toe, then I had a severe attack of this, which caused a bout of vomiting and forcing me to stay in bed for three days, I’m surprised I’m still motivated and looking forward to this day.

Hoo boy...

If memory serves, not since grade 10 have I been in a competitive race. That particular day it was scorching hot and I was competing in the Southern Alberta Summer Games, participating in the 3000m. The race ended with me collapsing at the finish line, severely overheated and needing a trip to the medical tent, and I placed a dismal second in an event that only had 2 people entered.

Today, the weather is still not cooperating for my (triumphant?) return to the race scene. With rain in the forecast and a heavy snowfall warning coming into effect around the time when the race is about to begin, I’m risking wet socks and frozen fingers as I compete to my goal.

My goal? To finish.

I attach this chip to my shoe which will automatically record my time when I cross the finish line. Yes, I'm new at this!

Picking up my race package (which includes this awesome microchip thingy that I have to wear which will automatically track my time GO NERD POWER) I was impressed with the jubilance in the room. There was a definite energy that I wasn’t expecting, and the positivity from every volunteer whose table I visited, where each conversation ended with them saying “Have a good race,” was sincere.

Who couldn’t perform to the best of their ability when a stranger makes that kind of connection with you?

I shared with a friend the other day that my resolutions derby fitness goals have evolved from less of becoming a better derby player into more of bettering myself. However, while I hope my continued training during our very long hiatus (it’s been over a month since we’ve skated as a team, but who’s counting?), I’m really looking forward to reacquainting myself with the rest of the derby crew and feeling that same energy of jubilance, positivity and sincerity in the room.

I think what I love most about derby is how you would never NOT cheer for one of your own teammates. (And if you don’t, why aren’t you?) Celebrating each other’s successes is a huge part of what derby is about and, I’m certain, why so many woman are drawn to it. Bought your first set of skates? WHOOOOOO! Did three good crossovers in a row? WHOOOOOOO! Lost 10 pounds? WHOOOOOOOOOO! Show me where the beach is and these massive pipes appear before my eyes? WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Bruce Lee once said, “Real living is living for others.” I’m certain if you ask 3 different people, you will get three different definitions of  what that quote means to them. Some may interpret it as having the will to stay alive as those who love you aren’t ready for you to leave this life. Others may interpret as being an emotional support system for others to use and glean from.

However I interpret it as being a cheerleader of life. Showing others, through your actions and attitude towards them, that life is pretty awesome. And by emitting that positive energy, you will become radiant, scorching everyone in your path. Those who get in the way will either absorb the power of positive energy, or shrink away from it like a vampire from a beam of light. But the vampires are not cold and heartless, they merely need some time to warm up to the experience. Bright light is blinding and it takes time for our eyes to adjust when we look into it. I would hope, over time, they would be able to open their eyes fully and experience the power to also pass onto others.

Damage the circuit, break the connection.

That’s what I want to be. I want to make everyone feel how I felt when I timidly attended my first derby organizational meeting or when I picked up my race package. I want it not to matter if I’ve known you for 10 seconds or 10 years or can’t remember your name. If I cross paths with you, or them, or that-guy-over-there, I want you coming away with a positive experience; that verbally or non-verbally, I gave you a little push that says, “You’re doing great! Now go out there and have some fun!”

Life is about making connections. What kind of connector do you want to be?

*Tonight’s supermoon is a legit thing! For more info, go here!


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