Game day quickie… wheel quick (see what i did there?)

Wheels wheels wheels. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that all those fancy, hard, narrow wheels just aren’t for me.

This game I’m using my outdoor wheels (78a Radar Pures). These wheels were the first ones I ever purchased and are like my best friends. They are labeled as outdoor wheels but given the surfaces we skate on, I’m willing to throw out all labels and stick with what I know and love.

They have now become my game day favourites even though they will never be the fastest compared to harder varieties I’ve tried. But they really allow me to hug the top of the track going almost-top-speed.

Other varieties I’ve tried have me coasting to maintain control on the slippery spots, which I really don’t prefer to do.

With all these struggles it makes me wonder if my skating style is part of the problem. I’ve questioned this before. Maybe I’m too upright, maybe I’m too centre-weighted, maybe I need to muscle-up that left leg a bit more. Hopefully when I attend Rollercon in July I can corner an expert who can watch me skate and shed some light.

So I beg to ask the question… What do you lightweights (>120) use? What’s your surface like? What have been your challenges in finding a wheel and have you adjusted your skating to make it work? Or do you work with the sliding?

Time to get ready! Wish me luck!

Go Gas City!


2 thoughts on “Game day quickie… wheel quick (see what i did there?)

  1. I’m a bit heavier than light-weight (135 pounds) but still struggled to find the right wheels. We skate on a super slick polished concrete floor. For the first couple weeks of bootcamp I skated on the 93A Fugitives that came with my Suregrip skates (I changed them two weeks in for fear of slipping and I wasn’t even going very fast yet!). I then finish bootcamp on 88A Flatouts, but these made me nervous too on corners once I got a bit faster.
    The moment I passed my minimums, I bought some Atom Jukes. 88A for the left side wheels, 92A for the right side wheels. This is supposed to help with slipping, but also not give up too much speed because of the grippiness. I love them so far, though I’m still having trouble perfecting the plough stop. I don’t think the wheels are to blame for that though.
    I can’t believe you’re skating with outdoors, though. Doesn’t it feel like your in quicksand???

  2. I’m having similar issues with mine. Right now I’m using heartless, but I find that I can’t gain any speed otherwise I start slipping. It’d be cool to find some wheels that allow for speed gains and grip.
    I’m 130 for weight.
    I also don’t want to keep buying different wheels, they’re kinda pricey, so I just keep what I have and hope that I’ll get to bout on some grippier floors.

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