My piggy went to the doctor

I’m off skates for a week due to a bonehead fall down my own icy steps. Pride told me to walk it off, so I continued on my way to work, rocking my favourite brown healed boots.

Increasing discomfort throughout the morning on my left foot led me to take off my boot and sock to inspect the damage. One peek and I knew a doctor’s visit was inevitable.

I took the afternoon off to visit the doctor. He examined my purple toe that bent in a fabulous direction when I fell, with assurances it’s only a pulled ligament. Rest, ice, anti-inflammatories and rigid shoes are my prescription.

He also said if the pain didn’t decrease, I’d have to go in for an X-ray Monday to make sure it’s not broken. O.o

As I lay here in bed on the morning of day 2, I have no throbbing pain and I can actually wiggle my toe with only little twinges of discomfort. This is already a huge improvement from yesterday. Good news.

Even though I’ll be off skates for Monday’s practice, I look forward to doing an altered, non-rolling fitness regime while I help coach the freshies. My next practice in Gas City will be my first test back on skates. I’m sooooo looking forward to that day!

For my own pleasure, I took photos. If you’re curious what a badly-bent toe injury looks like, you can see a photo by clicking here and here. I didn’t want to post public pics because even on beautiful people, toes can be gross. Plus not everyone wants to see multi-coloured bruises.

Can I just say that I feel like such a tool that my first off-skate injury wasn’t a derby-related injury?

The floor is open for ridicule. Or sympathy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 thoughts on “My piggy went to the doctor

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