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My nerd ladder... I know it's a staircase, but you get the idea

I tend to be a bit of a stats geek. It’s not my most prolific geek trait, but since starting roller derby and this blog, it’s slowly climbing the ladder within my nerdy personality. I pour over paperwork after every bout, connecting successful jams from my memory with the corresponding stats on paper and on occasion I dig through the stats page on my blog, to understand why people are chosing to read my stuff over others.

So in honour of a blog-viewing milestone, (and my impending one-year blog anniversary of March 6) this post is dedicated to my stats page. More specifically, the search engine terms people use to find my blog, which result in a click to one of my pages.

Some are obvious, some I have no idea why the search term resulted in a click to my page, but entertaining for me, nonetheless. Here we go…

Top Five Search Terms

Deathbridge derby dames – 108
Lethbridge roller derby – 57
Diary of a roller girl – 45
Skunky deathbridge – 15
Deathbridge dames – 14

Yup, a search for another teammate made it into my top 5 🙂

Top Five Posts/Pages

Home page – 2501
Reasons you should become a derby ref – 204
How I clean my roller skate bearings – 187
Hello world… we’re here! – 103
Derby’s unanswered questions – 100

Popular Topics with multiple search terms

How to clean bearings

I get hits on this topic daily. I promise to post some more informative-styled posts as there is obviously a need for it.


Apparently our league isn’t the only ones with space issues. This one is another daily hitter.

Skate maintenance

Everything from how to take apart your skates to how to lace them to how to make them move faster.


There are various terms for roller derby style, helmet decorating and whether you should wear tights or bare legs.


Searching Tomahawks seem to be the most popular. But other stops, transitions, jamming and hitting also come up.


Everyone wants to have a great name, or want to know how to come up with one.


Skunky – from Deathbridge
– from Terminal City in Vancouver (her proper spelling Barra Couga)
Mister Sister
– there’s a ref from Gas City named Mister Fister… maybe that search term was a typo
Mister Fister
– there we go… that’s the right spelling
Marilyn Monroadkill
– I thought there was a neighbouring team with this gal as a player but I’m coming up short in finding her local affiliation. There is a gal with this name in London, UK though! **Edited to add: Marilynn Monroadkill is from Gas City. Thanks Kid Kickurass!**
Cherri Blaster
– Hey! That’s me! Also spelled as Cherryblaster and Cherry Blaster
– should be spelled Estro Jen, but she’s from Long Beach Roller Derby
Maiden Sane
– from Pile O Bones in Regina
– from Seattle. Coach, player, jam skater
Half Pint Havoc
– from Deathbridge
Nixxi Knox
– from Deathbridge
Sapp Ic Slammer
– spelled wrong!!! But she’s our Deathbridge girl
Kid Kickurass
– ref from Gas City
Andi Linquent
– from Deathbridge
Domino Brasco
– from Pile O Bones in Regina

And now… the weird ones…

(Because that’s why you’re really reading this, right?)

“diary about bored”
If you’re searching for a diary about boredom… get a life.

“facts why we should roller skate to school”
I just find this hilarious… because it’s awesome!

“questions to ask when interviewing a rollergirl”
Good on you, anonymous journalist, for doing some research prior to your interview.

“roller skating rink coatings mountain dew”

“is roller skating hyphenated or two separate words?”
I’m glad I could help you out with my spelling tutorial.

“квады ролики купить”
I’d love to know what this says.

Then I have a whole series of arm wrestling ones…

“betty armwrestling”
“mixed armwrestling”
“bicep girl”
“diva arm wrestling”
“arm wrestling”
“bicep couple armwrestling”

As well as cowbell ones

“cowbell supertramp”
“cheer song more cowbell”
“songs with more cowbell”

The damn-you-auto-correct

“the eighties leg earners”
“neon leg earners for adults”

“fish nets and leg warmers Vancouver”
Okay… I get search for fish nets and leg warmers (not earners), but not sure where Vancouver comes into this.

The sexual/inappropriate/what were you REALLY searching for…

“wrists getting pinned”
“+girl on girl on skates”
“cyber playmate cheri from vegas”
“girls for knight”
“roller babe”
“lethbian girls video free”
“lethbian tails”
“nacked women wearing roller skates” <— Spelling dude, spelling
“boss girls around”
“major thigh and booty of the roller girls” <— Fetish much?
“girl poop desperation” <— I’m really fascinated by this one
“roller girl fuck on the bench”

And finally, the completely random

“suddenly click”
“i picked up a generator and my knee is killing me”
“girl games 1”
“cartoon gps”
“looking roller placement procedures and hairstyles wriiten information not pictures”

So, dear readers, if you’re clicky-clicking through my blog, I’m watching you. Yes, I will continue to base future posts based on popularity of previous post’s topics. And yes, I’m judging you by your search terms. 😉

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Go Nerd Power!

  1. Awesome, happy blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s only been a year, I feel like I’ve always been reading you forever. I blew right past my blogiversary, which is some time at the end of Jan., but I don’t think just setting up the blog really counts — I think I count from when I started skating, which wasn’t til June. I can’t wait to look back at a year of stats 🙂

    Also, a lot of my hits come from people searching for “Diary of a Rollergirl” (not to mention from your blogroll links, ha)

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