And I ran… I ran so far a-waaaayyyyy

(Flock of Seagulls are awesome)

I always get the best blog ideas when I’m running, which explains my blogging absence as I had to take a week off of running due to work, lunchtime commitments and being super sore from practice last week.

The good news is that I DID get back on the treadmill yesterday. Isn’t it great when your gym gets new equipment but you’re too devoted to your other favourite running machine to cheat on it? I’ve eyed this new treadmill for a while now… you’re standing much higher than on the other machines, it has a touch screen… it just looked so… ominous. But due to a busy gym yesterday, I was slotted into that apparatus.

First discovery: It has a charging station for my phone. Wicked.

Second discovery: When my phone is hooked in, the touch screen has controls for my iPod on my phone. Wicked.

Third discovery: It’s not compatible with my iPhone. Bummer.

Fourth discovery: The console has a mother-effing FAN in it!

So I ran.

And I almost died.

Well, not really. But I was surprised after only taking a week off of running how winded I got. Or maybe it’s because I spent almost the entire time playing with the touch screen of the apparatus (which doesn’t respond if you have finger sweat) that I expelled too much energy directing my attention to my little appendages.

With the never-ending space issues our team faces on a weekly basis, the owness to stay in shape during down time falls within ourselves. It’s a challenge for sure.

The exciting news is that I have the opportunity to get a little extra training time in, because I’ve been invited to play here…

Isn't this a fantastic bout poster?

That’s right, kiddies… I’ve been invited to play with Medicine Hat’s Gas City Rollers at the end of this month, which means a lot of weather-permitting driving in the coming weeks to practice with the team. I’m really honoured for the invite and excited for the extra time on the track. But I’m also pretty nervous as we’ll be playing a Calgary team, the Cutthroat Car Hops.  I’ve never experienced a Calgary team before. Their standards for skaters are high and their league is fantastic. I know I’ll learn a lot by just playing against them.

In the meantime, who’s up for being in my cheering section?

Some fan signs made by Exie Cuter from our last game in Medicine Hat.


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