Game thoughts

First of all, I’m super-proud of all the rookies, especially those who played in their very first game last night! Seeing gals I helped train, only a few months prior, the basics of stopping and falling, bring it all together, was an amazing moment for me!!!! Congratulations gals!

For our game against the Gnarlies, we got our asses handed to us, 239-135. But what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger and facing an opponent who shut us down so many times no matter what strategy we threw in, goes to show how much work we need to do.

Mamasita from the Calgary Roller Derby Association said it best, “Losing will only make you stronger.” (Follow her on Twitter @mamasita_muerte. She coaches the men’s Calgary derby team, the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs and plays for the Thrashin’ Lassies)

Also congrats to Mamasita for becoming the new arm wrestling champion, defeating our own Nixxi Knox at the after party!

As for jamming, it wasn’t my greatest performance. It felt like everywhere I went there was always a wall of 3 red shirts and it was tough to shake their blockers. Have I said how fantastic this team was???? It was an honour to play with them.

An unfortunate hit in the second half caused my neck to lock up funny and I had to sit out and ice it for a few jams. I was disappointed in myself for not playing more, especially since jammer Half Pint got a hit in the first half which reduced her playing time and our other main jammer Bones O Fury got taken out in the first half with a knee injury.

I feel with every game comes a whole new list of things to work on and as we play more teams, the list grows and seems endless. It goes to show how physically & mentally demanding this sport is and how frustrating it can be when things just don’t go as planned. But if I continue to set goals, celebrate small personal victories and not give up, I’ll get there eventually.

But you know what makes it worth it? The fans! I can’t say enough about how amazing our fans are!!!!! I’m pretty sure we surpassed attendance from our first home game and they stayed with us even though we got hammered!

The response after the bout from the crowd was fantastic and I got my first autograph request from a fan, signing his program and tshirt!

And the after party… Wow… If you go to the games but don’t come out after to share a beer or two with us, you really are missing out. The penalty wheel was brought back and yours truly was called up to spin it for a major back block penalty that everyone but the refs saw. As a result, Miss Scarlet Bloodbath of the Gnarlie’s, who was also celebrating her 19th birthday I believe, was the receiver of a muff dive from Cherri. (It’s as dirty as it sounds; I still have whipped cream caked in my hair)

So that’s what happened yesterday! Disappointing, but fun all at once! And now, the special mentions…

• Dick Pounder – our guest announcer from the Calgary league. You are so great at what you do and we love your support!
• Mamasita for amazing half time encouragement. I wanna come skate with you and be your paduwan.
• All our refs and NSOs – we had crew from multiple leagues in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC. These men and women drive for hours to help us out. Their jobs are hard and their derby dedication is phenomenal.
• Hugh Johnson from our league for reffing his first game!!!! Congrats on popping your Cherri!
• Ref Kid Kickurass from Medicine Hat for promising to spend hours with me working on my starts. (Ima gonna hold you to that.)
• Mister Fister from Medicine Hat for helping us out on our bench.
• Random people who came up and congratulated me on my performance. Thank you so much! It means a lot!
• All the media crew who came to check us out! (Shaw, CTV, the Endeavour, LCTV, I hope that’s all of them) Thank you for taking the time to spread the derby love to those who couldn’t be there.
• And to those who promoted the event leading up to it (Lethbridge Herald, The Lounge, Rock 106, Shaw, Global, Lethbridge Living, Lethbridge News, Lethbridge Nightlife, I’m sure there were more, I apologize for not remembering them all) We appreciate the time and space you give us!
• Tanya for running our scoreboard. Seriously, we love you and hope you’ll come back skating with us soon!
• All our volunteers, so many to mention, but if you saw how many we had, you’d be impressed – again, amazeballz!
• The Lethbridge Skateboard Association for coming out and showing us what they do.
• Mamasita and Spaz for bench coaching our rookie game!
• All the fans who stayed till the end! You’re hard core!
• My derby wife, Betty Believit! You inspire me!
• The Deathbridge rookies! Next game we’ll be competing for roster spots. Gulp! I have to step up my game after seeing you play! You rock my world!
• The Gnarlie’s – damn you’re good!
• My Dames – seriously, can my heart bleed any more love for you gals???
• Everyone who came out – you make all the planning, training and execution totally worth it!
• And thanks to anyone I missed. It takes so much manpower to put on these events. We appreciate all you do to help us keep derby in Lethbridge!

If you attended, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to make things better! (Was the concession lineup more bearable this time?) What did you like? What didn’t you like? Would you go again? Please don’t be shy… I wanna hear it all, positive and negative.

Until next time, derby fans!!!


5 thoughts on “Game thoughts

  1. Losing, scmhosing! Sounds like you guys hand an AMAZING night. I am really kicking myself for not making it down. Next time, DEFINITELY!

    Mamasita and Dick are the bestest best! 🙂

  2. Watching both bouts has made me just want to push myself that little bit more to improve and get up there with the rest of you guys. This was the first bout I had ever been to and it was awesome! And the after party with pretty fun too 😀

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