Something a little less serious… helmet decorating

For those who pay attention to the derby world, they know that it’s not only the derby name and boutfit that can show a player’s personality. For those who aren’t familiar, if you get a chance to catch a derby girl standing still, check out her helmet.

Many adorn their helmets with paint and stickers (both of the home made or manufactured kind) to enhance their derby persona or show personal convictions, political ties, social stances, sexual orientation or support of, favourite music, hobbies, etc. etc. etc.

According to my blog, March 14, 2010 was the first time I officially skated with the goal of becoming a derby girl and it took me until December 17, 2010 to mark my helmet. I don’t know the process that other gals go through when stickering up their helmet, but being a graphic designer, I took the decisions I had to make about what to put on my helmet very seriously; thinking about shapes, colour and spacing between all the paraphernalia I had chosen. Fittingly, I placed my first sticker with many of my dames present, during a Christmas crafting get-together. (Yes, we craft together. Don’t judge.)

My first sticker…

Back of my helmet: A little diddy I picked up at a Van Halen concert that I was just waiting for the perfect spot to stick it on.

For those not versed in the words of David Lee Roth, that’s a line from Panama from their 1984 album.

Swinging my helmet around, you see a couple familiar symbols…

Left side: A Rollergirl sticker where I have bought pretty much ALL my equipment from, the front of a Cherry Blaster wrapper and of course my number tucked in by my ear.

I used double sided carpet tape to get the wrapper securely attached to the helmet. Yup, carpet tape. We’ll see how that backfires on me…

And now the front…

My name, enhanced with a star.

The letters are cheap dollar store ones and they are kind of starting to fall off from jammer panties being put on and off over them. I may reinforce with clear tape over top, or I may see how my name evolves as the letters fall. (HER LAST would be pretty funny if the letters fell that way.)

And now swinging around to the other side…

Homage to my fandome of all things Mac and the back of the Cherry Blaster wrapper. I’m made of delicious ingredients and you could probably scan me too if your smart phone has an app for that.

Those present while I adorned my helmet with stickers would tell you I had minor panic attack moments before attaching my first one. Not only is it a big commitment, like choosing pint striping for your car (Do people even do that to their vehicles any more?) but the pressure to make those stickers move around a curve and stick without bumps or seams is very difficult. I failed on each and every one of them. Oh well. Adds to the charm, right?

So that’s my official helmet debut on this blog. But I’m growing tired of talking about myself. I want to know what’s on YOUR helmet and what made you choose that for your helmet.

I can’t be the only one who obsesses about this stuff, right?



5 thoughts on “Something a little less serious… helmet decorating

  1. Well I am not a derby “girl” but I do skate and have therefor decorated my helmet. On the back I have a sticker that says “so many dicks so few richards” given to me by the lovely and talented Hissett Fit. Others are tournaments or championships that I have announced at, a couple of indy bands that support derby, london roller girls, oil city, eves of destruction. On the very front my own team, Glenmore Reservoir Dogs. My favourite on the front left is a zombie sticker that I failed to get flat. The reason it is my fav is because it was designed by a local artist and aquaintance Tank. His life has been somewhat tumultuos over the past few years but he continues with his art to get him through everything

  2. So far I have only had the guts to put one sticker on. It is my name in blue and purple flames. I am waiting for more awesomeness before I put more stickers.

  3. I first put my name on the back of my green helmet in vinyl letters but ithey started falling off. One last time I replaced the letters and blasted the back with flat black and peeled the letters off. It looks rough but has an apeal. The next sticker was my Sport Kilt sticker that came when I ordered my kilts. It takes a while. This being the sixth item I have stickered in my wide rang of sports. I always go with what “Hits me” or “Moves me”.

  4. I have two stickers on my helmet. One is a little spitfire guy, which I stuck on there the day after I passed my skills assessments for derby and officially made the team. The second is a little white sticker with funky black lettering that says “Skate and Destroy” that I put on there to celebrate my first scrimmage, which was actually against another team that we are bouting later this season. My plan is to add another sticker to my helmer every time I pass a new derby milestone. Next up will be my name and number after I get to roll out with my peeps in a real bout where all my friends are there to watch me. It’s been a long road for me, but I am still here, and I plan to have a helmet covered with stickers!
    Love for the flat track! ~Rita Rollover $401k

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