Getting my multi-media on…

First things first…

I must remind you about our next home game, January 15 versus the Gnarlies Angels of Rossland, BC. If you’re hovering around the Lethbridge area, I expect you there! You can get presale tickets starting in January at Blueprint Records (519 4 Ave. South) and Steel Sass (258 – 13 St. South)


I’ve acquired some video footage and, with this being my week off work, have finally had the chance to put a couple of somethings together.

The first one is another compilation of our first home game versus the Missfits of Mayhem. Unfortunately, the audio is being lame when I embed the video (aka I’m illegally using some Bouncing Souls for background music), so please click HERE to view the video in our page’s feature window & hopefully the audio will work. (If you’re trying to spot me, I’m number 6.)

Next is a short video of me in 3 jams at my last game versus the Gas City Rollers of Medicine Hat. Even though in this footage I’m getting taken out a couple of times, it was a breakthrough game for me, scoring 54 of the 94 points! I couldn’t have done that without my blockers!

Cherri Jams

And now…

Some EYE CANDY courtesy of the Philly Roller Girls. This will be a nice segue into my next post coming soon, talking about my training & derby goals for 2011. Enjoy the tasteful nudity! 😉


One thought on “Getting my multi-media on…

  1. Yeah, the YouTube video works, but no sound. Good video though! Great article as well! Say…why don’t you have the Dames’s FB and Twitter links on the blog? It should improve traffic. I do love the “share this” buttons though. 🙂

    Really hoping I’ll be able to come to the Jan 15 event!

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