Mark Your Calendars! Get Your Tickets!

January 15, 2011!!!!!!!!!

The Gnarliest Angels will be braving the mountain passes to come to beautiful Lethbridge, Alberta!

Lethbridge Exhibition, North Pavilion, starts at 7 p.m.

Yup... I'm the devil!

You know what’s even more cool? My derby wife, Betty Believit will be making her derby debut in the rookie scrimmage!!!! (She told me so this morning and I’m soooooo proud of her!!!!)

You know what else is awesome? A bunch of other gals will be making their rookie debut! If you don’t come out for us, come out for the gals that are about to pop their derby cherry! We’re inviting gals from all over to play in the rookie game so you’ll be able to see talent not only from our crew, but from other leagues as well!

You know what’s awesomer? Our after party… that will likely include epic moments like this…

After party at Bo Diddly's with the Missfits of Mayhem

We will be bringing back the penalty wheel, karaoke and maybe some more surprises! Possibly Nixxi Knox will put her arm wrestling title up for grabs too.

Arm wrestling on a bar speaker... because we're classy like that.

You don’t want to miss it! Pre-sale tickets will be available at STEEL SASS (258 – 13 St. North) and BLUEPRINT RECORDS (519 – 4 Ave. South) or from your favourite derby girl this week! (Makes a great stocking stuffer) All ages, licensed event; kids 10 and under free!



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