Hello, I’m bored!

Our team is on hiatus.

Not in a bad way, though any time off skates is super shitty, but in a we-lost-our-venue way. Our local car dealerships have decided to move their vehicle inventory indoors during the bitter months, which essentially leaves us out in the cold.

I went through various emotional stages when our leave of absence began:

STAGE ONE: Missing the gals.
The minute I walked out the door after our last practice, I was immediately on Facebook, begging for reassurance we wouldn’t be separated until our next practice till January. Neediness set in.

Skating Affective Disorder. Much like how some miss the sun in the winter which then affects their moods, I began to feel utterly depressed the fact I wouldn’t be wearing my skates, let alone skating in them. I debated wearing them while watching TV, just to make sure the boots would stay formed to my feet. Sadness set in.

STAGE THREE: Fitness obsession.
Taking a hiatus during the most popular season to eat had me stressed out. The last thing I want is to turn soft after how hard I’ve been training. Solution: running the treadmill. Three times a week.


The good news is I’m super-impressed at how my body’s responding to the change in training. Derby’s made me a way stronger runner. Acceptance set in.

STAGE FOUR: Finding reasons to go to Calgary.
Lloyd’s Roller Rink plays nasty music, is a bit pricey and covered in kids. Yet I tried to find any excuse to get to Calgary to skate there. (Yes, we have to go to Ikea TODAY!) I wasn’t the only one… 4 other dames and one future ref was also there when I arrived. Relief set in.

STAGE FIVE: Finding a place to skate.
Can I just say a HUGE shoutout to the Village of Nobleford who have taken a chance on us crazy skaters and let us hang in their community centre? Can I also give a HUGE shoutout to Betty Believit for convincing them to give us a chance to skate on their wood floors?

We had our first skate there last night… It was a little slick, it was a little small, but for $20/hour, we’ll take it! I only hope our wheels keep the floors damage-free so they will let us continue.

So all-in-all, I’m surviving the the hiatus. And the good news is, it will be over sooner than later, because…

We have our next bout to plan!!!!!

January 15! North Pavilion! 7 pm start!
Deathbridge Derby Dames vs Gnarlies Angels from Rossland, BC
Black and White Rookie Scrimmage!
Tickets $10!

Please search ‘Deathbridge Derby Dames bs vs Gnarlies Angels on Facebook for all event details! I’ll post a poster soon too!!

I’m so excited! I hope to see you there!!


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