Behind the scenes

Gas City Rollers vs the Deathbridge Derby Dames • Nov. 27, 2010 • Final Score 114-94 for Gas City

A fantastic game, with a bunch of fantastic gals. Thanks to the Gas City jammers for keeping up with my countdown to beer as I rolled up to the line 😉

Game plus’s… I came away uninjured, even after a highlight-reel worthy crash into the crowd.
Game minus’s… I still need to work on being more aggressive. And we lost.

But enough of that… The game story in pictures…

(Special thanks to the always talented Susan Knight (her Facebook) and Medi Lizous for the fantastic pics. More can be found on their Facebook profiles. Friend them!)

Lining up for gear check! (I'm number 6 on the left!)

We love our fresh meat fans!

We love our fresh meat merch girls!!!

Sapphic belting out our National Anthem

The amazing Nixxi Knox and her fuzzy boots!

Riff Raff checking her gear while the rest of the team watches the jam.

My intro lap! (Pretty badass, dontcha think?)

I think this may have been the first jam of the night!

The lovely Dreamy (Dream Whip) setting up to help me through the pack!


Hooten Annie and Domino Brasco about to make some Cherri jam!

Viv the Shiv giving me the LEAD JAM signal.

The amazing BF Bam Bam, who was our bench coach at our first home game! So fun to play against!

Trying to squeeze through. Pretty sure I got taken out on this one.

Andi Linquent giggles during her bench time 😉

Skunky and Rebbles, post game!

My favourite photo of the night. Group hug after the game!


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