The squeaky wheel

I’ve had a rough couple weeks.

Battling a persistent sickness while trying to get ready for our debut bout in Lethbridge is stressing me out in a very big way.

Oh right… the bout. See? I haven’t even posted the details on my very own blog. Here we go…


We finally did it!!!!!


Every spare minute of my time these last couple weeks have been filled with board meetings, bout meetings and committee meetings to get ready for this. Our arsenal of 8 or so gals who are championing this cause are getting run off their feet. My lunch and coffee breaks at work are spent emailing, twittering, phoning, postering, contacting media, designing programs and whatever else gets thrown at me.

On top of that, practices are becoming more intense; talking strategy and bout procedure. It’s been a lot of information to process.

Then a week and a half ago, the sickness hit.

Juggling everything on top of having an extremely fuzzy head has been tough. A bad fall at practice with my wrist guard getting pinned between the floor my phlegm-filled lung made for a scary couple minutes of having trouble breathing. The bout is just over a week away and I’m still hacking and coughing. My participation at practice has been 50% at best. The extra skates I do in between practice have been non-existent; I’m worried about my stamina.

I shared with another Dame my stress of thinking so much about the planning and everything that has to be done leading up to the bout, I’ve had little time to get my head into the game and prepare for the actual bout.

I’m so nervous about my lack of preparation and performing in front of my friends, family and the home crowd that I’m afraid I won’t perform at all. The last thing I want to do is disappoint myself or anyone else who came out to see me play. I’m doubting my derby skills in a big way right now.

While public interest is high, I worry about event attendance so we break even financially. (I have presale tickets! Buy them!)

Stress, stress, stress.

Yes readers, I’m getting my whine on a little bit (squeaky wheel, get it?). But when all things are considered we have lots to be proud of; the biggest being we’re not even a year old and hosting an ambitious event.

Go us!


P.S. If you missed it myself and some other gals were featured on Shaw TV Lethbridge a couple weeks ago. Go us again!!!


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