I love my GPS

Not only does my iphone has a great GPS program that allows me to track my training, it allows me to relive my not-so-great moments in skating around Lethbridge.

(The App is GPS Lite by MotionX. It’s a free one, so get it!)

Today I hit up the westside bike path loop, which runs about 4 km per round. It’s a great path with few intersections and wide enough to easily handle all sorts of pedestrian traffic.

My favourite part of the path runs parallel to Whoop-Up Drive. I really don’t know how, but there is something with this surface that creates the best-case-scenerio mixed with my particular style of bearings and wheels. One push and I speed effortlessly.

You can probably see what’s coming.

On round two of said section of path, I didn’t drop my foot evenly, caught an edge and went careening out of control. I was going really fast and knew a face-first plant would cause some pretty serious injuries. In an attempt to save my body, I tried to spin into a tomahawk stop.

It didn’t work very well.

Plan B was diving as far as I could off the path and into the grassy area.

First thought, “Did anyone see me ditch it?” Nope. Kay.

Second thought, “OMG I fell on my phone. Is it okay?” Yup. Good.

Third thought, “Anything hurting?” Only where I landed on my phone. Whew.

Getting up I admired my lovely skid marks left on the pavement and skated away. As I continued through my second round, I kicked myself for not getting pictures of my evidence of a crash.

So I went on a third round and snapped a picture. Because what’s the point of crashing if you can’t show it off a little bit. Here’s my damage…

Then when I got home I got to relive my crash on my GPS program, which shows my speed going into my crash and my slow climb back into training.

Hurray for my phone surviving so I could relive the moment!

Training stats
Distance 14.1 km
Average Speed 16.5 km
Max Speed 30.7 km/hr
Total Time 51 min.


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