Tallying up the odd injuries

Things for me are really going well on the training front. My skills are progressing and seeing skaters from my Fresh Meat coaching lessons advance fills me with so much pride. Taking one practice a week to train the freshies have helped me avoid conventional injuries of knee bumps and skate wheel bruises on my thighs because I’m not scrimmaging as much. The non-conventional ones, however, are increasing.

In the last month I’ve had:

A mole ripped off (ow ow ow and lots of blood)

A head-on, full speed collision of a skater’s chin into my jaw (we gave each other some air time on the collision, I’m pretty sure)

And last night, a skater’s swinging wrist guard to the face (I’m sporting a blackish eye, bruised temples and can’t wear glasses until the swelling on my nose goes down)

Most people would think these kind of injuries would make one shy away from the sport. But strangely, I’ve found each and every one of them extremely comical. While the pain is there with each odd injury, laughing about it with my derby sisters and having bragging rights of black eyes and bloody moles make it really fun.

WTF is wrong with me? 😉


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