Hello world… we’re here!

We’ve officially announced our presence to the world this week. (World = Lethbridge)

I’ve been busy these last few weeks putting together an ambitious campaign, along with my other derby gals who work with me on the Media Committee, to take advantage of the post-secondary students returning and the fall sign-up-for-stuff time. I’m ridiculously happy to report all the hard work is paying off!

First of all… creating these have been occupying most of my time…

The derby moms and their kids!

Nixxi Knox


Babe Pusher


Me! Cherri Blaster

Dream Whip


Seniorita’ Beata

Aren’t they gorgeous?

The girls are too! 😉 To those who volunteered to let me photog you and plaster your face all over Lethbridge, I am in your debt. This recruitment postering campaign went out this week around Lethbridge, along with an official media package that I delivered to outlets around town.

Can I just say how amazing our media packages looked? Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the awesomeness, but we rolled up 2 of our best posters (Nixxi’s and Beata’s), along with a news release and tied it all together with the cutest red and black leopard print ribbon ever! In a world where editors and news directors get countless emailed news releases, I wanted to give them the personal touch! I spent my lunch hour Tuesday and Wednesday hand-delivering all the media packages.

Today, we followed up the postering and media drop with a recruitment table at Lethbridge College.

Aren't they cute?

Tomorrow, we are volunteering and marching for a great cause…

Take Back the Night is about women standing together to send the message that violence in any form is not okay. This global event began in the 1970s as a way for women to reclaim their safety on the streets. The march portion of the event is deliberately women and children only as a way to demonstrate that women united can resist fear and violence, and that women have the right to walk in the streets without a male escort.

Then Saturday night, we are working together for OUR cause…

Help us raise funds so we can host a derby event in Lethbridge!!!!

Then Sunday, we are hosting another Fresh Meat night!

The response from the media has been overwhelming. The response from guys and gals interested in joining the league has been dazzling. The dedication and hard work of the Derby Dames to pull this all off has been unbelievable! After seeing the response all around the Lethbridge community, I’m confident we will reach our recruitment goals and host a bout in Lethbridge before the end of 2010!!!!!!

Are you ready for some derby, Lethbridge? Can I get a ‘Whoop, whoop??!!’

The Dames at the Lethbridge Whoop-Up Days Parade


8 thoughts on “Hello world… we’re here!

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    • Thanks so much! One of your lovely ladies came and talked to us on Wednesday. Marianne (sp?) We loved having her and we’re so looking forward to hearing the feature!!!!

  2. Beautiful posters! Our league is also just starting out and your recruitment materials are very inspirational! Best of luck to the Dames!

    Ruby Doomsday
    Lansing Derby Vixens
    (Lansing MI USA)

      • I’m still in Derby 101 working on my Basic Skills. I’ve completed Sections 1, 2 and 3 with the exception of my 25 in 5, plus passed the written test. Once I do my 25 in 5 I will be “graduate” to skating with the team in regular practices so I can complete the remaining skills.

        Our league’s first official bout is coming up this weekend, we’re pretty excited! I’ll be an NSO, probably doing Penalty Tracking, just to be part of the action!

        I’m having a great time going back through your archives to read previous posts!

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