I love my GPS

Not only does my iphone has a great GPS program that allows me to track my training, it allows me to relive my not-so-great moments in skating around Lethbridge.

(The App is GPS Lite by MotionX. It’s a free one, so get it!)

Today I hit up the westside bike path loop, which runs about 4 km per round. It’s a great path with few intersections and wide enough to easily handle all sorts of pedestrian traffic.

My favourite part of the path runs parallel to Whoop-Up Drive. I really don’t know how, but there is something with this surface that creates the best-case-scenerio mixed with my particular style of bearings and wheels. One push and I speed effortlessly.

You can probably see what’s coming.

On round two of said section of path, I didn’t drop my foot evenly, caught an edge and went careening out of control. I was going really fast and knew a face-first plant would cause some pretty serious injuries. In an attempt to save my body, I tried to spin into a tomahawk stop.

It didn’t work very well.

Plan B was diving as far as I could off the path and into the grassy area.

First thought, “Did anyone see me ditch it?” Nope. Kay.

Second thought, “OMG I fell on my phone. Is it okay?” Yup. Good.

Third thought, “Anything hurting?” Only where I landed on my phone. Whew.

Getting up I admired my lovely skid marks left on the pavement and skated away. As I continued through my second round, I kicked myself for not getting pictures of my evidence of a crash.

So I went on a third round and snapped a picture. Because what’s the point of crashing if you can’t show it off a little bit. Here’s my damage…

Then when I got home I got to relive my crash on my GPS program, which shows my speed going into my crash and my slow climb back into training.

Hurray for my phone surviving so I could relive the moment!

Training stats
Distance 14.1 km
Average Speed 16.5 km
Max Speed 30.7 km/hr
Total Time 51 min.

A list… reasons why you should watch a derby bout in Lethbridge

Whenever I get a chance to talk about derby with the lovely Lethbridge locals, I always get asked, “Where do you play?” Then I always have to answer, “Well, we haven’t played a game locally yet, but some practices are open to the public, blah blah blah.”

Now, I can give them a date!

Lethbians! Mark your calendar! Saturday, October 23!

Details of the event are still being finalized, so stay tuned. But in the mean time, I would like to pay homage to my fellow blogger and cyber-friend The Active Stick with a list on why you should come.

  • It’s going to be zombie themed. (Our team name is DEATHbridge. Kind of a no-brainer… mmmmm brains)
  • There’s beer.
  • You can bring your kids AND drink beer. (Please have a safe ride home)
  • You can bring your grandma AND drink beer. (Have your grandma drive you home)
  • Since it’s the week before Halloween, there’s a good chance the weather will be crap. So you may as well spend your Saturday night indoors watching girls bash the crap out of each other.
  • You get to watch the Deathbridge Derby Dames play together as a team for the first time EVER! (We’re most excited about that)
  • You can drink more beer at the after party.
  • The likelihood of derby girls showing off bruises on their thighs at the after party is mid to high.
  • You can become our biggest fan. (Then you can come watch us play in Medicine Hat on Nov. 27. More fans = more derby!)

So you’ll come, yes?

Tallying up the odd injuries

Things for me are really going well on the training front. My skills are progressing and seeing skaters from my Fresh Meat coaching lessons advance fills me with so much pride. Taking one practice a week to train the freshies have helped me avoid conventional injuries of knee bumps and skate wheel bruises on my thighs because I’m not scrimmaging as much. The non-conventional ones, however, are increasing.

In the last month I’ve had:

A mole ripped off (ow ow ow and lots of blood)

A head-on, full speed collision of a skater’s chin into my jaw (we gave each other some air time on the collision, I’m pretty sure)

And last night, a skater’s swinging wrist guard to the face (I’m sporting a blackish eye, bruised temples and can’t wear glasses until the swelling on my nose goes down)

Most people would think these kind of injuries would make one shy away from the sport. But strangely, I’ve found each and every one of them extremely comical. While the pain is there with each odd injury, laughing about it with my derby sisters and having bragging rights of black eyes and bloody moles make it really fun.

WTF is wrong with me? 😉

Hello world… we’re here!

We’ve officially announced our presence to the world this week. (World = Lethbridge)

I’ve been busy these last few weeks putting together an ambitious campaign, along with my other derby gals who work with me on the Media Committee, to take advantage of the post-secondary students returning and the fall sign-up-for-stuff time. I’m ridiculously happy to report all the hard work is paying off!

First of all… creating these have been occupying most of my time…

The derby moms and their kids!

Nixxi Knox


Babe Pusher


Me! Cherri Blaster

Dream Whip


Seniorita’ Beata

Aren’t they gorgeous?

The girls are too! 😉 To those who volunteered to let me photog you and plaster your face all over Lethbridge, I am in your debt. This recruitment postering campaign went out this week around Lethbridge, along with an official media package that I delivered to outlets around town.

Can I just say how amazing our media packages looked? Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the awesomeness, but we rolled up 2 of our best posters (Nixxi’s and Beata’s), along with a news release and tied it all together with the cutest red and black leopard print ribbon ever! In a world where editors and news directors get countless emailed news releases, I wanted to give them the personal touch! I spent my lunch hour Tuesday and Wednesday hand-delivering all the media packages.

Today, we followed up the postering and media drop with a recruitment table at Lethbridge College.

Aren't they cute?

Tomorrow, we are volunteering and marching for a great cause…

Take Back the Night is about women standing together to send the message that violence in any form is not okay. This global event began in the 1970s as a way for women to reclaim their safety on the streets. The march portion of the event is deliberately women and children only as a way to demonstrate that women united can resist fear and violence, and that women have the right to walk in the streets without a male escort.

Then Saturday night, we are working together for OUR cause…

Help us raise funds so we can host a derby event in Lethbridge!!!!

Then Sunday, we are hosting another Fresh Meat night!

The response from the media has been overwhelming. The response from guys and gals interested in joining the league has been dazzling. The dedication and hard work of the Derby Dames to pull this all off has been unbelievable! After seeing the response all around the Lethbridge community, I’m confident we will reach our recruitment goals and host a bout in Lethbridge before the end of 2010!!!!!!

Are you ready for some derby, Lethbridge? Can I get a ‘Whoop, whoop??!!’

The Dames at the Lethbridge Whoop-Up Days Parade