Reasons you should become a derby ref

If you’re the tiniest bit curious about derby, read this. Because we want you. More importantly, we need you! I was initially going to do a top ten list, but there are more than 10 reasons to become a derby ref. Read on, and find out why YOU need to become a derby ref!

Shiny, black and badass

Thanks once again to Susan Knight from Visual Musings in Medicine Hat for allowing me to use some of her pics. Click on an image to make it larger.

There’s nothing else to do in Lethbridge…

For a nominal monthly fee you are guaranteed something to do two nights a week.

Life’s better on quads…

Sure, some refs wear inline skates. But why would you when you can wear a pair of these babies?

Rollercon, Bootcamps and travel bouts…

Need an excuse to go to Vegas? Or Edmonton? Or Regina? You have one now. You’ll be invited to Vegas next July to party with thousands of other derby girls and refs… and learn stuff too. Plus there are Bootcamp training weekends where North America’s best skaters, refs and coaches will school you on all that is derby. Plus invitational scrimmages where you can play with some of Canada’s best skaters.

Speedskater Charles Hamelin has never complained about his thighs... GlobalTVBC Photo

Who needs a gym?

You get to train twice a week with us. Nothing motivates you more than gals in short shorts screaming at you to skate faster. And you WILL sweat, after we introduce you to the meat grinder.

Weight loss/gain…

If you’re a big guy or gal, you will drop at least 20 lbs. If you’re a little guy or gal, you will gain it all in muscle… In your ass and thighs.

Fisti Fetish and Mister Fister. Susan Knight photo.

You get to pick a derby name…

Creating your on-track persona is super fun!

You can design your ref outfit…

As long as it’s black and white and stripey, you’re good to go. Refs can customize a cute outfit! Or, if you’re a dude, you can make it badass. So go ahead and really create your alter ego.

You get to be in the spotlight…

Being on the track during a bout with the crowd cheering does the adrenaline and ego good.

You get to watch girls in fishnets skate around…

The Jester and Fatal Fantasy. Susan Knight photo

Let’s be honest, if the only reason you’re signing up to is to get yourself off, go to the Top Hat. But if you can appreciate the athleticism it takes for this sport, come on over.

You get to boss girls around…

Whether you were a know-it-all bitch as a kid on the playground or a shy-guy who never came out from behind your Atari, derby girls will look to you for knowledge, guidance and advice on how to improve their game. And you get to tell them what to do. If you’re already brimming with ego, you can come too, but we’ll knock you on your ass if you get out of line.

Melting pot of awesomeness…

Refs doing a pre-game safety check. Susan Knight photo

Roller derby is for big girls, little girls, jock girls, girls who have never played a team sport, girls with tattoos, girls without tattoos, girls who are gay, straight or bi, career girls, unemployed girls, students, mothers, grandmothers and aunts. Wherever you come from, you will be accepted. Check your intolerances at the door and hang with some pretty amazing people!

After-practice parties, after-bout parties, clean-your-bearings parties, theme parties…

Your social life will increase by ten-fold if you want it to. So will your resistance to alcohol. And we karaoke too!


Refs look great in a pack! Susan Knight photo

We need you…

In a bout there is a head ref, 2 jammer refs and at least 2 more skating with the pack. Plus there are non-skating positions like jam timers, penalty trackers and scorekeepers. The refs and support crew are part of the team and essential to every league!

Got all that?
Now let’s squash the negative nellies…

“But I don’t know anything about roller derby, Cherri.”

Refs get in on the action sometimes! Susan Knight Photo

None of us knew much about derby either. You’ll be expected to study the rules outside of practice, but we’ll help you learn the rules through drills and scrimmaging!

“But I don’t know how to skate, Cherri.”
If you can stand on quads, we’ll teach you how to move in them.

“But I don’t own skates, Cherri.”
We have a growing collection of roller skates and safety gear we can loan out to you during practice. But we won’t turn you away if you show up in inlines and a bike helmet and want to skate with us. Mandatory safety gear: knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, helmet.

“But I don’t have time, Cherri.”

Ref have fun! (But not as much fun as derby girls) Susan Knight photo

It’s true; you have to be committed if you want to ref. Right now we practice twice a week, 2 hours per, and many of us skate an additional 4-6 hours per week to stay conditioned. But if you’re looking for a new activity to throw yourself into, this is it. And I guarantee you, it’s addictive. Our girls are dedicated and will give it their all at practice. We won’t let you down.

“I not sure about reffing, Cherri, but becoming a derby girl sounds pretty fun.”
Great! We want you as well!!! Get in touch!

So there you have it! We want YOU! (Yes, you!) If you’re interested, feel free to reply to this blog or find me on Facebook (Cherri Blaster) and I’ll point you in the right direction to get you started. Or check out our Facebook page… search Deathbridge Derby Dames. You won’t regret it! PROMISE!


8 thoughts on “Reasons you should become a derby ref

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    • Thanks Stevo, but no one bosses me hahahaha!

      You should check out the Montreal Roller Derby League! Unfortunately, their season is done now. But they have 7 awesome teams. My personal fav is the Montreal Sexpos hahahaha

      Maybe one day when our team gets big and awesome, we’ll play a bout out there. πŸ™‚

  2. That would be so cool! It would definitely be the kick in the ass i need to actually go see one of these events!
    And ummm… no bossing you around? Where’s the incentive then? πŸ˜›

  3. how old do you have to be to ref derby? i’m currently on an apprentice team and can’t try out for my local leauge for 3 more years… i’m assuming 21 to ref as well though, right?

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