Can’t think of a derby-pun headline right now

Not being on a game roster any time soon has left me craving to work on some superficial, fun or even silly stuff that I normally wouldn’t have time to work on. Then I ran across the San Diego Derby Doll’s YouTube page and I wanna do what they do…


My transitions are weak and I’ve been neglecting them, even after just learning how to properly do one from ref Kid Kickurass of the Gas City Rollers. A transition happens when while forward skating you do a step-step in the opposite direction to have yourself skating backwards, then another step-step to move to forward skating again.

I first learned transitions in order to do a Tomahawk stop. But after seeing this instructional video…
… I really want to pop that skill off as a maneuver in a game.


My whips are weak (see a theme here?) Just look at me. I have the upper body of a 10-year-old. I really need to pick up on my upper-body strength training. But in the meantime, my leg strength is massive and I can confidently skate with one leg high in the air, so I really want to try this on someone…

I don’t see me doing this in game play, but still it looks pretty damn cool!

Other stuff I want to try or perfect

  • Shoot the duck (image) – pretty sure I have the balance and agility to do it, just haven’t tried yet.
  • Tomahawk stop – gotta make my transitions smoother first.
  • Jumping – stuffed animals, blowup dolls, people… My jumps are weak (again with the theme). I want to get more stable on my skates so I can really get some air.
  • Sideways skating (image) – it looks a lot harder than it really is.
  • Backwards skating with crossovers – often neglected as a derby skill, but it’s legal to skate backwards in derby AND you can hit people while skating backwards, as long as you stay within the legal target zones.

What I really love about this sport is there’s always something to work on or a new skill to learn. Looking down the horizon, I desire to attend Rollercon 2011. Five days of hard-ass training mixed with seminars (PR for Roller Derby? HELLO!!!!!!), derby pool parties, Riedell meet & greet, roller disco AND it’s in Las Vegas??????? DREAM VACATION! I’m jealous of those Alberta players currently enjoying the festivities at this year’s event. I’m so there next year!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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