Setting pace

Lots of small updates…

I’m helping out as Fresh Meat coach at Friday practices. My duties include schooling the gals, some who are very new to skating, the basics of falling, crossovers, agility, hitting and creating lesson plans for other full skaters to run fresh meat practices as well. I love it and I love watching the gals improve and provide encouragement. Having to break down basic skills for others is making me a better skater; in my head I’m constantly telling myself to use my knees as springs, get low and to move my feet. I feel I’m becoming a much more fearless and aggressive skater. Reading back on my first posts on this blog, I’m proud of how far I’ve come.
I’m also proud to report my hitting is improving! On Sunday we played a game that was essentially dodgeball, but instead of hitting each other with balls, we hit each other with our bodies. If you got knocked down or pushed out of bounds, you were out. And whatdaya know, thanks to some careful strategy and well-timed hits, I made it to the end in the final round, taking out Coach Maude for the win. But my last hit was also illegal because we hit our heads together on impact. I’m still relishing it as a small victory. Sorry of the coconut clunk, coach! 🙂
We submitted a proposal to the Lethbridge Exhibition to use their venue as a year-round practice space. Fingers crossed they accept our dollar figure. While I’m thankful they are willing to hear us out, their floors leave something to be desired. I skate bare-legged; those floors are rougher than the street pavement in front of my house. Hello road rash! (Unfortunate) Or hello skating in pants. (Even more unfortunate as Lil Von Schtopp would no longer be able to enjoy my ass cleavage)
I loosened my trucks another quarter turn. I’m happy to report I’m maintaining control with the looser maneuverability and my cornering has become ridiculous!
While on my morning skate today I found a buddy to keep pace with. When I first spotted him, I could instantly tell he was a distance cross country runner. He chose gravel and grass over running on the paths and his lines, form and stride was impeccable… Plus he had a distance runners body that Nike would make millions from.

I lengthened my stride to stay with him and played follow the leader all the way from Henderson back to my neighbourhood. Not handcuffed by smooth surfaces, he shortcutted over grassy knolls and jay-ran across streets to stay ahead of me and I was thankful for the challenge of someone to keep pace with, even though he was oblivious to the fact he was my partner.

Pretty sure he lives somewhere in my neighbourhood, I hope we cross paths again because it’s nice to be pushed by someone other than yourself.
This weekend brings another busy derby schedule with practices on Friday and Sunday, a fundraising multi-family garage sale Saturday and appearances at the Lethbridge Air Show. Derby brings me so much joy, fitness and happiness. I truly don’t know what I would do without it right now.
Much (derby) love to you all and thanks so much for reading!!! Hope to see you on the track soon!

PS thanks to the lovely Susan Knight letting me use her photos, I hit an all-time reader high with my bout photos post. Thanks again Susan! I appreciate you letting me post them here!


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