Back to hardcore

After realizing how important endurance is for me, I went for a hard skate after taking a few days of rest. My goal was to skate hard for 1.5 hours, which is about the average time of a game.

I haven’t paid attention to my skate stats in a while; here’s how I did!

Average speed: 9 km/hr
Total distance: 11 kms
Maximum speed: 44 km/hr
Total skate time: 1hr 13min

I was close to my goal in skate time and broke my record for speed! Booyah! (Granted, pretty sure I was going down hill when I broke it, but I held the speed long enough to record it on the gps!! It’s still a win!)

Today I found a new centre of gravity that allowed me to push harder with my legs than normal so I made a point of pushing harder with my left leg to balance out the muscles from skating so much in derby direction.

By the end of my skate I was pretty exhausted and my knees were jello. But luckily they held up through the abuse with only a couple aches and pains.

This weekend will be full of activity with practice on Friday and appearances at Lethbridge Street Wheelers throughout the weekend. Come out Saturday to see myself and other Dames compete in our own version of 100ft dash races and have your photo taken with a Dame at Sunday’s Show N Shine. Then we have practice again on Sunday night!

It shall be fun!!!


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