Derby comsumption… Nom nom

I’ve played so many sports in my lifetime; some I was good at (cross country & distance running), others not so much (soccer, dodgeball). But no sport in my years has consumed me like derby has.

Today I’ve been taking shifts on my couch, icing my knee due to a hit-gone-wrong at practice last night. When one is injured, you’d think it would be normal for them to take their time to get back in the swing of things.

Not me.

The injury has left a bruise on my kneecap that makes bending very painful. Yet every couple hours today, I stood in derby stance to test the strength in my leg. I stare at my gear bag with anticipation. I’m literally twitching (yes, twitching) to get back on my skates. I feel incredibly lazy not doing my daily 3-5 km jaunts, and it’s only been one day! But still I’m being extremely vigilant in doing anything and everything possible to make my knee heal faster.

Is this what NHL players go through when they are injured? Because the anticipation for me to get back onto skates is killing me. I’m by no means a professional or an expert at derby, but I now feel for the pro athletes forced off the playing field when they live and breath their sport.

Which brings me to a related topic of how EVERY derby girl I have met so far is consumed by this sport. Is this a weird phenomenon or a coincidence? Or is it simply fact that once you derby, you either hate it and never try it again, or love it and never want to go back? I know my driving skills have greatly improved since becoming a Jammer, I can find any hole in traffic and slide right on through.

But now I’m getting way off topic and must digress…

My urgency to heal is also due to the fact I’m making my rookie debut in Medicine Hat on Saturday. If I can’t play, I will be reduced to tears for a long, long time. The next bout after that is in Regina, which I’m unable to attend, and haven’t heard of any more in the near future. So if I’m to pop my Cherri, this has got to be it!

Fingers crossed for me kids!


On another note, I crossed a couple of training goals… First one… Coach Maude passed me on my benchmarks! Whoop! Whoop!

Second one… I skated up (yes, up!) the coulee bike trail adjacent to the Indian Battle Park road. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. The worst part was my lapse in judgement in trying to skate back down and almost blowing a hole in my skate. Next time I’m carrying shoes, changing out of my skates and walking down once I reach the top.

While continuing to perfect those, my next goal is to work on my starts. My speed is great, but I know I can work up to top speed a lot faster if I can power out on my toe stops.

Lookit the time! Night all!


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