Keeping motivated… or attempting to at least


My new case decked out with a Roller Girl sticker and cherry keychain πŸ™‚

Another week of crap weather has left my skates permanently in their case and my cross training non-existent.

Speaking of case, I found myself a wicked-ass gear bag, well suitcase, at Value Village, a’la Maude Lobrowski’s for $9.99. Saweet! Holds all my gear fabulously and lots of room to expand. New set of wheels? HEL-LO!

Surprisingly, my lack of activity is leaving me with soreness and stiffness that’s new from the weekend. But it could be from hiding under blankets all week due to the weather.

The good news is I managed to take an extended skate on Tuesday before the weather hit.

Elapsed Time: 1:04 hrs
Avg Speed: 15.6 km/hr
Distance: 16.8 kms
Max Speed: 20.2 km/hr

The bad news is I’ve fucked my tail bone. I took a really hard fall at Bootcamp, square on it. I rolled it off at camp, but skating on uneven terrain and moving my body in certain directions brought the pain back that day.

I took that as a hint to take the rest of the week off.

Now it’s Sunday and I have practice in 3 hours. My shoulders are killing me, my tailbone is achy when I climb stairs, the muscles around my knees feel ridiculously weak, my wrist… don’t even go there.

Is this normal aches and pains from just starting derby? Do I simply need a massage? I have no idea. The important thing right now for me is to find out what my limits are (when it comes to competing while injured or sore) and keep within them.

You think that’s right? I’m grasping at straws here. Never in my life have I been in a league that requires such physical skill mixed with agility while being ‘right’ in the head.

I’ve heard other roller girls mention that it’s okay to take some time off, whether it be for physical and mental reasons. Hell, I had a long conversation with another girl at Bootcamp, who is now scared to go back on the track after witnessing one of her teammates lose their front teeth and then another get a compound fracture in their lower leg, all within a span of 2 weeks. (If you don’t know what that is, Google it. But be warned, it’s nasty shit.)

I met another, who I’ll call Hot Physiotherapy Doctor, who gave a talk at Bootcamp about injury prevention and coming back after an injury. His wife is also a derby girl. He gave me an interesting stat… over half of the rookie girls will be injured to the point of not being able to skate within the first 6 months of their career.

It’s easy to see how this derby business can fuck with your head.

Do I really know what the fuck I’m doing?

Aches and pains aside, I’m still looking forward to practice today. I feel like I haven’t seen the girls forever! I miss them!!!!


2 thoughts on “Keeping motivated… or attempting to at least

  1. That’s a scary stat, but I believe it! I think a dry land training day would be super helpful, strengthening the right muscles to prevent things like knee injuries. I’m sure most of the really terrible injuries are a mix of lack of strength and rookie mistakes.

  2. Thanks for the comment Cassandra! I totally agree!!!

    I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my fear of falling now, which is something all rookie gals needs to get over. Training to fall on your knees and forearms, as opposed to your butt and tailbone, is key to avoiding injury… which is my next goal LOL

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