Just for fun – battle scars from the weekend

Since this is the first time I’ve had multiple bruising happen in a short span of time, I figured I would document it for sentimental reasons. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a picture every time I get a bruise, unless it’s bigger than the size of my fist. But I figured these first few are my rights-of-passage into the derby world and are meant to be shown off.

Here’s my battle scars… here’s hoping they won’t be the last šŸ™‚

Day 1 - Left shin, hit by a skate

Day 1 - Left calf, hit by a skate

Day 2 - Right hand. This pic doesn't do it justice, but my pad under my thumb all the way down to my wrist is swollen and a lovely shade of grey. That dark line near the middle of my hand is a darker bruise where the edge of my wrist guard hit my hand.

Day 3 - Right thigh bruise after taking a hit.


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