Day 2 going onto day 3

So yah, I needed help out of bed this morning. Never in my years of being in various organized sports have my muscles been screaming this much. It’s good for me, I know it is.

Yesterday was a mixed bag of activities and emotions. The morning consisted of more footwork, hitting and blocking drills. Then a quick lunch followed by my skills test.

I honestly had no idea how I would do. I’d say there were about 30 (?) rookie girls doing the test at once; we were each assigned to a ref to watch us. Hissettfit would yell out skills for us to complete, while skating at 50% speed around the track.

I had to get out of my comfort zone, performing jumps and hip pushes at a much faster speed than I’m accustomed to. My adjudicator Andrew, was super encouraging and helpful too.

My greatest feat? 28 laps around the track in 5 minutes. (you had to do 25 to pass) that was the hardest I had to skate in my life. But once I got into a groove the only thing I was thinking was ‘cross cross cross cross, step step, cross cross cross cross, step step’ getting into that pattern was key.

Worst thing? Hitting. I suck at hitting, I know this. And I kept getting called out for illegal hits.

I’m proud because I think I did well at the booty blocking section because I struggled with that in session.

When I found out I failed. I was pretty bummed. Coupled with the fact that a fall I took during the test was causing my hand to swell larger and larger by the second. I had to bow out the rest of the afternoon to ice my hand.

A bonus though, a met Lisa from and she sold me some new wristguards and got to watch her skate too. Pretty kick ass.

Today is the last day. I’m going to through myself in hard and see what happens. First session is with a speed skating coach so I’m pretty excited.

Dames and friends…. Thanks for all the encouragement after my skills test. Love you guys!

PS I had some great convos with some gals yesterday while I was sitting out. I’ll share when I have more time to write.

PPS sorry for typos, I’m in a rush to get to class today.


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