Derby Camp Day 1

Under instruction from the other dames, I’m trying to absorb as much as possible to bring back to the team. But it’s 8 o’clock and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Here’s a brief outline of the day’s happenings, realize I’ll still likely write novel, but whatever.

The rookies started out the day with Estro Jen. She worked us through some warmup drills which resembled an NFL practice. Then we practiced turns, stops and some other basic skills.

Following that session was Quadzilla who took us through drills to improve our stride, jumps and little maneuvers to increase our agility on the track.

Then lunch. Mmmmm food.

During lunch break a scrimmage started with some gals that also included Estro and Quad joining in, as well as some refs… So it was basically a coed scrimmage. Watching Estro and Quad move on the track was well worth the price of admission. Estro has a roller derby workout video of her own and you can YouTube Quadzilla to see what he does. Crazy stuff.

Yelling from the sidelines was coach Pauly, who’s basically been around since flat track started in the US. I had yet to have a session with him, but he knows his derby.

After lunch we broke into seperate groups so all the rookie, intermediate and advanced skaters were together. This is when we started doing various teamwork drills, strategy drills and blocking… Lots of blocking…

Which is why while I’m writing this I have ice packs placed in a couple strategic places. I took a couple pictures of my injuries, but the camera does not do them justice lol

I was a little lost on the derby strategy talk. But considering I’ve never been in a bout I kinda assumed that would happen. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t be as clueless.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted. Tonight was an official derby match and I was too pooped to make an appearance. Plus I’m pretty sure my aunt is wondering what I’m doing with my day to make me want to go to bed at 8 pm. Lol

Tomorrow I’m taking my benchmark skills test. I’m going to give it a shot. If I don’t pass, no worries. Because the coaching I’m getting from these top notch instructors is getting me on the right track for sure.

A couple things I need to jot down before I forget.

MOVE YOUR FEET! Step, step, step! To get the most out of your track, corner to the top right outside outside then move left corner inside. Coast on the straightaways, move your feet on the corners. Work up to crossovers all the way around the track.

Plow stop
Put all weight on the left foot facing 12 o’clock, move right foot forward and bring toe into 10 o’clock and push.

Don’t use your toe stop. All it takes is for someone to fall on your ankle and it will break.

Use your legs as a spring for greater maneuverability and agility.

The track is safe so don’t look down. If your focus is down, you’ll fall down.

You’re going to fall, a lot. Accept that and get out of your comfort zone to move your body to get around the track.

Lower is always better.

Nite all!


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