I don’t want to brag… Wait, yes I do

An opportunity came tonight for a late-night skate. Sorry for not inviting you this time fellow skaters, but I wouldn’t of been good company due to day’s events leading me to be very pissed off for a number of reasons.

But guess what suckas?

Time: 39 minutes
Distance: 11.1 kms
Average speed: 17.1 km/hr
Max speed: 25.4 km/hr !!!!!!!!

By comparison to my last personal best, this route was way more challenging. So not only was I skating really fucking fast, I was doing it while navigating curbs, potholes and pedestrian traffic of all sorts.

Hey pretty girl with the curly hair and rollerblades, smirk at me cause I’m wearing full gear? Let’s see you skate that fucking fast.



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